Z-wave stop working after midnight

anyone had this too? After a couple of night z-wave get completly unresponsive over midnight. I can’t switch on/off any light.

After restarting server management it works then again.

Oh CPU is also going up…see screenshot


I tested out hass.io and moved all my stuff including z-wave around 40 nodes.
Sadly, I hade to move back due to performance issues. Same way as you describe.

Since aim relative new to home assistant I did try to find posts and comments about this but without luck.

I thought it was regarding my setup and the heavy load of all sensors (heavy load from all electricity sensors). So was holding off to see if someone with more experience than me also experienced this.

Looks like we are pretty close, I have currently 39 z-wave devices. I’m pretty happy with the idea hass.io is going.

I love docker :slight_smile:

About the performance, I would check


I don’t store everything and i don’t keep databases longer then 2 days.

as you see my cpu is normal about 3% with hasbian and the allinstaller from homeassistant it was also around 2-3% so pretty much the same.

The problem I have currently could be some network heals which are triggered over night, or even some database cleaning which could be run around midnight. And as said it happens not everyday…about after 3-5 days.

I seem to remember an old post about zwave healing at midnight, not sure if that points you in the right direction.

It wasn;t healing, it was reseting the controller I believe. For some controllers this locked them up entirely - it used to be in the examples but I think it got removed. This is something you would need to explicitly add unless hass.io introduces behavior to reset the controller automatically.

Still same Problem…sometimes night my CPU goes up to 30% and never comes down. No…clue what the reason is…it worked with Raspbian but now on hass.io this happens after a couple of days.

Maybe it’s database cleaning?

Hey ! I m having the same issue for a couple of weeks (since version 117). Around midnight every night cpu reaches approximativly 30% and zwave stops working. Everything back to normal after reboot. Did you manage to fixe that ?