Z-Wave stopped working after Hass.io update to 0.81.0

Had a basic zwave setup up and running since a few days but is stopped working after updating to 0.81.0

Here’s the entry in the configuration.yaml

  usb_path: /dev/---ttyACM0

I tried removing the zwave entry in the file as the update notes indicated it’s not necessary anymore. Same problem after reboot. I confirmed that ttyACM0 is the port in use by the stick.

Strangely, this is what the logs show:

openzwave.object.ZWaveException: “Zwave Generic Exception : Can’t find device /dev/ttyACM1 : [‘NoneType: None–\n’]”

So by some reason, Hass.io is trying to use ttyACM1 even though I specified ttyACM0.

Does someone have an idea why that’s happening?


with “stopped working”, I mean that all devices including stick disappeared.
No nodes are shown, no even the node for the stick.

That sounds like a possible issue with the new config entry. Unfortunately there’s no way to view the configuration from inside HA, so you’re going to have to look at .storage/core.config_entries and see what usb_path is set to.


Hmmm… that’s strange. I didn’t notice anything about this change in the breaking changes section of the release notes…

Do we need to remove those lines for the usb path and network key from the config and solely manage those thru the GUI causing an existing install to break or will leaving everything exactly as before still work? It sounds like from the OP that this is a breaking change.

if my current usb path uses a non-standard path that I defined in /etc/udev (now using “usb_path: /dev/ttyUSB-ZStick-5G”) then will that path still work when handled thru the GUI?

The config entry should migrate the USB path over from the configuration file correctly (and therefor shouldn’t be a breaking change) but it appears that didn’t happen in this case for some reason. My stick uses a non-standard path and was correctly imported.

The config entry/integrations UI does need some love still and support for editing an entry after it was created.

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Ok. Thanks for the info.

When I do the upgrade I’ll be biting my nails waiting for the upgrade to complete to see if my zwave setup comes back up OK. :worried:

How can I access this core config? Have the same problem here :frowning:

edit: well, the core config fixed it for me! here it said /dev/ttyACM1. After changing it to /dev/ttyACM0 the Zwave components work as before.

technically you’re not supposed to manually edit the core config files. However, since the implementation of the new zwave integration is being handled so poorly then at a certain point you have no other choice. :frowning_face:

But as has been pointed out in other places if you manually modify the core config files and you break things then there is no “official” support offered for that situation.

Same problem here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I can get it to work again.
I even removed my Z-wave config from configuration.yaml and it still says
Z-Wave (import from configuration.yaml) under intregration.

But no devices or log files for Z-wave.

I have verified the usb_path: /dev/ttyUSB0 so that’s correct, I also deleted my db file but no success.

Now I found a log entry:
enzwave.object.ZWaveException: "Zwave Generic Exception : Can’t find device /zwaveusbstick :
Seems that it just ignores my line in the configuration file.

Anyone ?

updating this file worked!
zwave is back up and running now.


I have the same problem. The usb path is correct cannot get z-wave to work after upgrading to 0.81.6. Checked the config file as mentioned above but that looks ok. Did you get it to work @Mickael_Selander? I downgraded to 0.80 just to get my house «working» again…

Yes I got it to work, found that a file didn’t have the right usb path value in config.storage\core.config_entries

@henninne I just updated from 0.81.5 to 0.82.0 and same issue. ZWave stopped working. There is an integration entry for zwave but it is empty. I removed it, restarted, and comes back empty. Can’t find any errors in logs.

Checked the core.config_entries and info in it is correct.

Resolved by removing integration, then rebooting the PI. Restarting HA did nothing but add the empty integration back.

Thanks for the input, I rolled back to 0.80 to get everything up and running. It looks like we have the same issue, I also had an empty integration entry, which I deleted and it came back when I restarted HA, I did not try to reboot the PI. My “core.config_entries” file had also the correct “usb_path”. I will try to update to 0.82 and perform the steps you describe.


I was able to upgrade to HA 0.82.1 today with the z-wave still working, looks like the tip you gave worked. Removing the empty integration, then doing a power reboot of the Pi. Thanks!


Excellent, glad that worked for you!

I had a similar problem the other day. Instead of rebooting the pi I unpluggeed my zwave stick, plugged it back in then restarted HA.