Zanzito - A lightweight bridge between your Android device and your MQTT/home automation system


Zanzito keep closing for me on my Oneplus 5 running Android 8.1.0 on Oxygen OS 5.1.3

I have it set as automatic connection and autostart. I also have it set as “do not optimise” in battery area so that the OS doesn’t force close it.

Any suggestions about why it’s closing - apparently at random?


I seem to hav miraculously resolved the above issue (no idea what I did!) and am now trying to set up an MQTT sensor to read the device_info topic that is published by Zanzito.

Can anyone tell me why the following is notworking?

- platform: mqtt
  name: james_oneplus_5_info
  state_topic: 'zanzito/jamesop5/device_info'
  qos: 1
    - time
    - device_info
    - charge_type
    - battery_charging
    - battery_level
    - current_foreground_app
    - screen_locked
    - screen_on
    - screen_orientation
    - current_wifi
    - current_operator




This is because the MQTT sensor will not read a message with more than 255 characters. I’ve raised a bug.


is Zanzito ready for Android Oreo and his changed behaviour regarding background services? And is battery friendly?
Thanks for info :slight_smile:


I’ve been running on Oreo since it was released with no issues regarding services.


Thanks, I’m still struggling between mqtt and Google Firebase Messaging. What will be better for battery and still have reasonable latency.


MQTT seems fine to me.


Somebody made it working with Ngnix?
Just try to set it up - but cant find good informations


Is what working with nginx?


I struggle a lot with the NGNIX part atm - But yes
The reverse proxy handles the SSL encryption, added in nginx 1.9

The websockets option is maybe another take


Hello everybody,

I’m not sure if you knew about this app:

Its a Android app with build-in device tracking capabilities and many other features.


In my experiments I set up a node red notification to send a notification via SMS. It all worked well. However, I must have had the message set as retained and now every time I connect with Zanzito I send and receive the sms test message.

I have tried to send a blank payload and retained to false but I can’t seem to clear it.

Any suggestions?


You have to publish a blank message with retain=true, not retain=false. That will cause the broker to purge the topic’s message. After that’s done, then you make sure that all future messages are published with retain=false.


Thank you, that worked.

Out of interest. Do you have a prefered QoS for Zanzito? 0/1/2


I don’t use Zanzito and I don’t have a preferred level of QOS. I think the choice of QOS level depends on the situation. For my home network, I’ve has no problems (so far) using QOS 0.

Here is a good explanation of MQTT’s QOS. After reading it, you can decide what you think is best for your situation.


123 thank you


I just changed my phone. Searching for the zanzito app on the play store, no results found. It has been removed? I can find the license app that I purchased but not the main app.


I didn’t find the tool too in the Google Play store. Could someone please confirm that it’s deleted or abandoned from the store? And can someone send the APK? :slight_smile: I just configured some of my previous installs on another phone, and works absolutely great! :slight_smile:

Best: Peter


I really wish it were just released to open source


Just saw this in another thread - maybe it’s helpful::