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Zanzito - A lightweight bridge between your Android device and your MQTT/home automation system


Ariela is great, but Find3 does interior position tracking. If Ariela supported the Find3 tracking fingerprints, that would basically make Zanzito obsolete.



I have in my TODO list a new feature for Ariela called : room presence based on BluetoothDevice.
This means you can be able to setup Ariela to tell HA in which room you are and also automatically tell if you are home or not :slight_smile:



Oh nice. Didn’t realize you were the dev. I love the app. I also can’t find out how to get it back out of “Web UI mode”, but that’s another story :wink:

Love interior positioning as an idea for a feature. I would consider using the ML algorithms that Find3 has created as a model for determining location from RSSI. I’ve tried a couple of methods and the Find3 model is significantly more reliable than anything else. Much better than more naive bayesian filter implementations.
Or, even easier is to just send the Find3 location fingerprints to a find3 server. The implementation in the find3 android app is really simple and you could lift it directly.
Also, once we have 802.11mc, this all becomes very, very easy :slight_smile:



Thank you, it worked perfectly :slight_smile:



Is the FIND integration working? Mine doesn’t work, no updates in:

For FIND3, cloud.internalpositioning is giving me a an error (502 bad gateway) on different networks and devices so I can’t use that…

Is there any way to get FIND to work as of today in Zanzito? Is there any other options?