Zemismart Blind motor - configuring in Local Tuya

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I’ve recently installed a Zemismart blind motor on a roller blind in my study and had some issues understanding which configuration options to select when integrating it into Local Tuya. I couldn’t find plain English explanations of what the settings did. This might help you.

This assumes you have obtained the Local Key from the TuyaSmart website: Tuya IOT website I won’t go through that as there are guides available on YouTube and elsewhere. It also assumes you have paired the blind motor to the Tuya app via the 2.4ghz wifi network at home.

After you have installed Local Tuya into Home Assistant (via HACS), you then need to integrate each device.

  1. Go to “Configuration” in the HA menu and select “Integrations”. Down in the bottom right-hand corner you will see the “Add Integration” button.

  2. Click on that button and search for Local Tuya. Click on that and it will offer you a “Device Discovery” box. The Tuya device should show up identified by the Device ID, IP address and/or friendly name. Select that and it will open a configuration box: “Add New Entry”.

  3. First it asks you for the "ID" and offers 5 options which are identical to the options mentioned below. To be honest I have no idea what the relevance of each option is - and it did not seem to matter which one I selected, but you cannot change this later. If someone can explain the options please enlighten me.

  4. Next you enter a friendly name eg: Blind-Lounge

  5. Then the Open_Close_Stop commands. I selected “open_close_stop”. The other options include fz_zz-stop, 1-2-3 and on_off_stop. There is no explanation as to what the others do, but open_close_stop works for me.

  6. Next you decide if you want positioning mode or timed mode. They are self explanatory - positioning as in open/closed or time as in “run the open command for 20 seconds” I selected “Positioning

  7. The next two seem the most important in terms of what the blind will do. If you selected “Positioning Mode”, it asks for “Current Position” I selected “1 (value: close)

  8. Then you enter the “Set Position”. If you select “7 (value: opening)”, you will have the option to open, close and stop the blind.
    If you select “2 (value: 100)”, you will also have the option of setting an intermediate position such as 55%. This is what I selected. Didn’t try the others because this worked for me.

  9. The Invert option changes the curtain % setting from 100=open to 100=closed.

  10. The timing number is if you selected the time mode above.

That’s it. You can come back later via the Configure option in Local Tuya to change 7 and 8. This comes up under “Cover” and the friendly name should be obvious.

Thought I would do an update after a lot of trial and error testing here.

Starting note: The options will have different numbers depending on the version of your Zemismart blind motor and the way its firmware is written.

  1. On two of mine - Model M515EGBW V2 - the options are
    2(a numeral*);
    5(False); and

  2. On an earlier version - Model M515EGB - there are five options:
    2(100 - a numeral);
    7 (opening);
    10(0 - a numeral).
    The earlier version is easier to set-up and reports its position in the Lovelace card. V2 does not report.

  3. *The “numeral” beside the option is the position of the V2 blind when you integrated it into Local Tuya (one blind in my case = “92”). The numerals in the older version are the open and close position ie: 100 and 0 of the blind.

4. These notes are based on the newer V2 model.

At point 3 where I suggested selecting “1”.
I tried the other options and the success was very limited despite trying all 16 combinations of the other commands. Update Advice: stick with "Option 1"

At point 7 "Current Position"
After trying the options (value, stop, opening, false) and looking at what they do in States reporting (under Developer Tools) the penny dropped. This tells HA how you want the Current State reported (yeah I know it’s obvious now I’ve looked at States).

If you select value, it will report the Current Position of the blind, which seems the most useful. If you select “stop” I think it is just reporting that blind is not moving etc. Update Advice - select "Value 100"

At Point 8 “Set Position” where I suggested select "Option 2 (Value - numeral eg 100)"
Update Advice unchanged This allows you to use the slider control. None of the other options appear to enable this. I’m still not sure what the other options do except I assume Option 5 means it is disabled.