Zero total increasing energy sensor

Hi all,

I’ve tried searching but haven’t found anything to assist me in working out how I can zero the data on a total increasing energy sensor. Why you ask? Well I’ve been playing with getting my solar data into HA via MODBUS and now I’m at a stage where I’m not playing and want to have it start fresh.

I’ve read that a negative input will reset it, but I don’t see how this will work as the input will never be negative. Is there another way that I can force this?


Editing the database id an option if you know SQL. Otherwise the nuclear option is to delete the entire database (and thus all your history data) and restart to reform it.

Thanks for the response Tom - I can dabble a little, I was able to clear the HA Energy data successfully earlier, but didn’t have much luck trying to drill down to the sensor data. Broke it and restored from a backup