ZHA and Raspbee 2, can't find IKEA Tretakt plug

I have a raspberry pi 4, with HA installed, just got to the world of Zigbee and got some Osram (form work that well) and Sonoff Temp sensors, just bought 5 tretakt to add as reapeters but I can’t find them when I put them in discover mode and search for new devices.

Is the Rasbee2 not compatible with tretakt yet, or so I need to make some changes for it to work?

Like I said I am kind of new to the whole Zigbee and HA in general så i try to extend my knowledge as much as possible.

Do I need to do something to update ZHA or is it auto updating?

ZHA quirk files

I saw an input about these in the forum but didn’t know that it could show the device with just a quirk files.

Could you maybe give me a quick how to, where to add the files and what I need to do?

How to setup local ZHA quirks.
Has a discussion about it. I’m sure searching the community would find you more stuff.
Tips on Searching for Answers & Duplicate Topics in the Forum.

Yes sorry, I found that link after I posted my question, I did try this, but no device is shown when I search for a new device.

I added the ZHA in configuration.yaml, I added the file to the folder (custom_zha_quirks), I restarted Home assistant without errors, but I still can’t find the Tretakt plug :frowning: no new device is shown.

Edit 1: i used this pre-used Tretakt quirk

Edit 2: added photos