ZHA and Remote Remote Homeassistant


i have a pi in our living room as Remote Homeassisant Instance for ZWAVE. Now i have add a ZIGBEE (Conbee II) Stick to use ZHA. My Bulbs are send to my Main Homeassistant. Al working fine. Now i have a new IKEA Remote Control. This Deivce is found on the Remote HA, but only the Battery Sensor is exposed to the Main HA. I can’t setup automations for the Remote Control in my Main HA.

Is there a way to create Automations on the Main HA wir the Remote Control on the Remote HA?


I think there is a blueprint for it → Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community


Yes. THis is on the Remote Homeassistant (PI where my ZIGBEE Stick is connected). But i want create the Automation on the Main Homeassistance Instance. Here i can’t see the IKEA Remote Control.

Haven’t use Remote Home Assistant for a long time, I use deconz for ZigBee on the remote Pi.

Can events be sent over from the remote pi via remote home assistant? I think there are also other solutions like sending events over MQTT, but I can’t find the topics right now.
@koying I think you created something recently in this regard?

I can use Zigbee2Mqtt - but is this recommendable?

Is this better the ZHA. When i use Zigbee2Mqtt - are there all Devices an Settings in HA od must i configure this in Zibgee2Mqtt?


It doesn’t handle events, though, only states

okay. Thanks.

I will try to connect the Conbee Stick to the Main HA. But i think the Range is not high enough for the devices.
Otherwise i will try Zigbee2Mqtt.


I found it now, it’s called mqtt eventstrem

This allows you to forward events from the remote instance to the main instance via MQTT.

And I also saw in the documentation of Remote Home Assistant that you can subscribe to events as well with subscribe_eventsGitHub - custom-components/remote_homeassistant: Links multiple home-assistant instances together, I don’t know if this option is available in the UI config or only through yaml.

Can’t comment on zigbee2mqtt, because I use deconz and I’m more than happy with it for oveer 5 years now.


Thanks for the Info.

Do you use deconz in Docker ?

Yes, I use it in docker.
I don’t run Home Assistant on the remote Pi, because I think it’s overkill just to get ZigBee and Z-Wave data to HA. I run deconz for ZigBee and used to run ZWaveJS2MQTT for Z-Wave, but I ditched all my Z-Wave devices for ZigBee devices recently.