ZHA - Aqara Wireless Single Rock (2016) - misconfigured in ZHA

Hi !

I have recently acquired a zigbee coordinator from SmartLight (SLZB-06) and I am migrating my zigbee devices from Z2M to ZHA.

Unfortunately, my first contact with ZHA is not that good… I have an issue with on of my first paired device : Aqara single key wireless wall switch (2016 model)
Reference : Xiaomi WXKG03LM_rev1
Model : lumi.sensor_86sw1

Pairing with ZHA working like a charm… but … I only have tree entities :

  • battery
  • temperature
  • identify bouton

When I create an automation, I choose my target device as a trigger and I have the following triggers list :
(capture is from another equivalent device)

But unfortunately, despite picking up what I consider to be the right trigger (remote_button_short_press) it doesn’t trigger properly my automation…

In ZHA, I see that the device is working properly as something is happening in the logbook :

Is there something I do wrong ? Any tip to lead me to the path of light ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Firs reply to my self :slight_smile:

I managed to make it work without using a device as a trigger but a event with the following information gathered thanks to the developer tools.

I do have a temporary solution then… but it’s kind of a pain in the back to sniff all my aqara devices and update my automation with this event trigger.

If anyone has a better solution (blueprint isn’t, I would like to mix different triggers in my automations), it will be more that welcomed.

ZHA is generally very good, but you will find different device support as compared to Z2M.

In particular, that device may suffer from the same issue some of us have had with the newer t1 switch:-

The usual way around this is to go and hunt for a local quirk that you can install (a forum search will show you how to do this if you are unfamiliar).

Thanks for you answer.

I am slowly addind devices and I discover that ZHA might look easier in the pairing / configuration process, but there are some lacks in the devices qualification…

I’ve just added a tuya mini switch (TuYa WHD02 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT) and it’s seen as a light instead of a switch.
The opposite wouldn’t have been a problem thanks to an helper to change a device category. But here, I’m stuck with a light entity despite the fact I am controlling a towel dryer. Pity.

Will seek for the local quirk topic. That’s quite new for me.

You can usually find a local quirk that will resolve any issues when using ZHA.
I have four different ones installed.