🔁 ZHA, deCONZ, Zigbee2MQTT - Ikea 5-button Remote Universal blueprint (Redux)

This blueprint is part of the Awesome HA Blueprints Redux project.
This is a repository fork to include community fixes to the original code, all credits to the original developer. As the original documentation is still online, many links return there. The only thing that changes is the repository (EPMatt :arrow_right:lsismeiro) and the fixes under the hood.

Updates will be published on the project’s GitHub repository .

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:link: Blueprint URL

:page_facing_up: Description

This blueprint provides universal support for running any custom action when a button is pressed on the provided IKEA E1524/E1810 TRÅDFRI Wireless 5-Button Remote. Supports controllers integrated with deCONZ, ZHA, Zigbee2MQTT. Just specify the integration used to connect the remote to Home Assistant when setting up the automation, and the blueprint will take care of all the rest.

In addition of being able to provide custom actions for every kind of button press supported by the remote, the blueprint allows to loop the long press actions while the corresponding button is being held. Once released, the loop stops. This is useful when holding down a button should result in a continuous action (such as lowering the volume of a media player, or controlling a light brightness).

The blueprint also adds support for virtual double button press events, which are not exposed by the controller itself.

Automations created with this blueprint can be connected with one or more Hooks supported by this controller.
Hooks allow to easily create controller-based automations for interacting with media players, lights, covers and more. See the list of Hooks available for this controller for additional details.

:closed_book: Full Documentation

Full documentation regarding requirements, inputs and more is available here .

Docs provide all the information you need to properly configure this blueprint on your instance.

:electric_plug: Available Hooks

:bulb: Light

This Hook blueprint allows to build a controller-based automation to control a light. Supports brightness and color control both for white temperature and rgb lights.

Light Hook docs

:loud_sound: Media Player

This Hook blueprint allows to build a controller-based automation to control a media player. Supports volume setting, play/pause and track selection.

Media Player Hook docs

:door: Cover

This Hook blueprint allows to build a controller-based automation to control a cover. Supports opening, closing and tilting the cover.

Cover Hook docs

For the previous thread by EPMatt, containing threads about both the EPMatt version and support with the Redux version before 2024-05-30, :video_game: ZHA, deCONZ, Zigbee2MQTT - Ikea 5-button Remote Universal blueprint - all actions + double click events - control lights, media players and more with Hooks - Blueprints Exchange - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io))

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A new version of the Light Hook has been released.
It adds a new feature.

In its current version the light hook allows the color temperature to be changed to values that are not support by the light bulbs. Reaching values far outside this range will require the user to press the opposite button, potentially overshooting in the other direction.

I added a clamping mechanism similar to the brightness minimum and maximum. Additionally, I added a feature toggle that is deactivated by default, in order to prevent any breaking changes.

It has been tested by them and myself with no issues.

Enjoy and thanks to Botastic for the contribution