ZHA - device disabled by config entry

My Aqara sensors were working fine but I have upgraded quite a few versions so may have missed something but now all my temp sensors show disabled like this.

Cannot see what would be disabling them?

After last update I have the same problem with my d1 mini sensor. Any one can help with this.

I’ve had the same thing happen with my Onvif cameras. You could delete the devices and re-add them, but in my situation, there was no way to delete the cameras.

The only other solution I’ve found is to manually go into the .config/storage folder and editing one or more of the following files: core.config_entries, core.device_registry, and core.entity_registry.

Start with the core.config_entries file and search for your device, and change the "disabled_by": "config_entry" entries to "disabled_by": null, or "disabled_by": "user". Do the same thing in the device registry and entity registry files.

It goes without saying - do a system backup before you try any of this. Once you’re done, restart HA. Good luck!


Had problem with an integration showing disabled by config entry even though it appeared enabled. I disabled it in configuration for that integration then re-enabled it and it worked.

where is this ./config folder? I can’t find it, I have /config in root where the configurations.yaml is located


I have the same problem but with the Nvent Senz integration, I can’t find the file core.config_entries. I have seen more threads with the same problem and everyone is referring to that file but no one says where/how it can be found.

It’s a hidden folder under config

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