ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 2 Button Remote - OnOff and Brightness

Check out this blueprint to simulate the IKEA TRADFRI Dimmer (2 button version) through ZHA events.

Button Action
on (short) Turn the light on
off (short) Turn the light off
on (long) Increase brightness
off (long) Decrease brightness

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Is there a possibility to add more than one light, the button has to trigger tree lights.
How can i do that?

Thx MLux

You can make a light group and use that, or you can use the template with the same remote three times.


really nice, only thing I would need in addition is to define the start dim level as a field (only when turn on) nice would also to have this empty so it would take the last state.

Just realized this is changed super easy, if somebody struggles anyhow let me know, can share the modification

thank you very much, work like a charm.

I’ve deliberately chosen to set the brightness in the turn_on sequence, because I wanted the switch to act as any normal light switch would, with an added benefit of setting the brightness.

Leaving it empty would cause unexpected behavior, as it depends on the previous state. The brightness required is different ‘the next morning’ then it was in the evening.

You are more then welcome to copy and modify the code to your own requirements. Perhaps you can share a link to yours, so that others may enjoy it as well.