ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Color Preset

Check out this blueprint to simulate the IKEA TRADFRI Remote (5 button version) through ZHA events.

Holding down the power button will reset the light to normal. Holding down the other buttons cycles through the same function and stops on release.

Button Action
Power Toggle the light
Dim-Up Increase brightness
Dim-Down Decrease brightness
Right Next Preset
Left Previous Preset

Get started

Create the Helper

Create an input_select (or Dropdown) Helper with your predefined hs_color settings. You can copy/paste the hs_color value from the Developer Tools > States.

For example, on the States tab you see hs_color: 38.222, 52.941, then you can add (38.222, 52.941) as an option to the helper. You can add a comment (i.e. name of the preset) like this (38.222, 52.941) # default to help you remember what the values mean.

An example Dropdown Helper:

Import the Blueprint

Click the badge to import this Blueprint: (needs Home Assistant Core 2021.3 or higher)

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Or import this Blueprint by using the Gist URL:

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Okay… amazing! I’ll be trying this tonight!

Couldn’t wait… works perfectly! So grateful to you and the fantastic community!

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Tested it last night and it works very well for selecting colors.

Would it be possible to add brightness as well as colors?

I use a IKEA RGB light in the childrens room with low red light at night, low green at morning and high warm white in the day.

Done :smiley: ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Custom Preset

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Awesome and thanks!
Will test after work today :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!