ZHA problems since 2022.9 updates

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Other people having also issues with ZHA and ConBee II stick on RPi since the past few updates?

Lights appear as online but can’t be turned on or off. Or in a light group with 3 bulbs two turn off automatically as intended but one stays on and can’t be switched off…

See on github some issues lately with ZHA involved…makes me think if I should keep my cloud subscription at all when it doesn’t work reliably…

Is there a way to revert to an older version?

Not saying it is the problem but FYI, ConBee USB adapters are known to have problems reconnecting after restarts/reboots, not only with the ZHA integration but also when using Dresden Elektronik’s official deCONZ/Phoscon application, and I read that ConBee USB adapters may then sometimes need to be physically plugged out and plugged in again after restarts/reboots in order for the ConBee USB adapter firmware to do a power-cycle and reconnect. Not sure if it helps but the general recommendation is to at least update ConBee firmware to the latest version. See → Update deCONZ manually · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Hmm…read this somewhere as well…

Are there better adapters out there for USB or better go with a hacked Tuya ZigBee gateway?
I assume the firmware can’t be updated directly from within HA…

Good morning,
I personally only have the Lidl Switch turn off with the button on the switch or with Home Assistant automatically. But the switch is then off, but devices remain powered and working. Do I turn the Switch on or off again the power does go off Happens on the 20 times maybe 2 times each time.
I don’t know what the problem is. I had the same problem with the previous update Home Assistant.

Rpi, conbee ll stick with cable.

Firmware can be updated from within HAOS/HASSIO however it is a little tricky as you must first disable the ZHA integration then connect via SSH and run the update script via docker so it is much easier to just temporarily unplug the adapter and move the adapter to another computer and simply run the firmware update there, see → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/how-to-update-conbee-ii-on-hassio-with-deconz-phoscon-integration/402826/

I currently recommend ITead’s Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus “ZBDongle-P” variant, (the newer “ZBDongle-E” variant also works but it is still relatively new so doesn’t yet have a proven track record).



I do not personally recommend a hacked gateway, but if you like the concept then instead checkout an Ethernet (wired) connected open-source ESP32 based gateway like the ones from Tube and ZigStar:




But still puzzles me why those problems suddenly popped up with the past updates in August/September…

Don’t see the point anymore in continuing the cloud subscription when there is no official support…

Don’t get me wrong…I like to support open source projects…as I do support others…but when it is getting worse and I have to rely on guesses/suggestions from users then it is hard for me to justify the subscription…especially as those year old graph/dashboard bugs in iOS app never have been resolved…

And just discovered that the subscription charges 19% VAT which is a rip off as we have 7.7% here…just cancelled…

I’ve got the Conbee too, and have the same issues you describe. The workaround/fix for me is kill the power switch and then turn it on again.
Doesn’t work for all the devices though. Huge pain in the *$$ since I have a lot of ZBMini devices which are placed behind the light switches.
I have to remove all the light switches which don’t come back online, reset it, then have a hard time making it all fit again.
Disappointed to see stuff become less and less stable.

You could also try using Dresden Elektronik’s official deCONZ application (Phoscon Software Package) for ConBee/RaspBee as then can use the Phoscon app and report any issues to them instead and they have paid support personnel:



Regardless I recommend starting by updating the firmware first → https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Update-deCONZ-manually

Oh, and I too pay Nabu Casa for Home Assistant Cloud service but personally, I do not expect better support because of it, this is still free and open source software, so I am more thinking of that money as a way to a sponsorship donation similar to sponsoring content creators via Patreon with no strings attached, so no directly related rewards or perks other than being able to easier getting remote control of my Homa Assistant instance + simpler to integrate it with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Had problems, too. I am using the first raspBee but going to upgrade to the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB E Dongle Plus.
I also switched yesterday to zigbee2mqtt and now everything works fine. Hopefully the system is more stable now.
I am not an addon fan but zha had several bugs and problems in the past. :frowning:

Regardless of you are using ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT highly recommend following all the tips in this best practice guide including updating Zigbee Coordinator adapter firmware + using a very long USB extension cable in a USB 2.0 port or hub (and not a USB 3.0 port or hub) → Generic best practice tips on improving Zigbee network range and general stability · zigpy/zigpy Wiki · GitHub