Zigbee 3.0 coordinator CC2652P E72

Is anyone using this for a longer time? Any problems that I should be aware of?

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No problem man for using CC2652P over year. My one is built by smartlight, could be purchased from eBay or their own site - its like and adv to them from me:


Thank you, I finally made the ones in the video, just have to be patient for all the different parts to arrive. Egony has a really well documented wiki on github. Time will tell. Good to hear that yours are working fine for such a long time. I went with egony’s firmware just because Leds are supported.

the same for me, i prefer Egony firmware due to the leds support. however if your coordinator is located in room like bedroom, switched-off leds will be a plus))
I have flashed those from smartlight by both Egony and Koenkk firmware, both works well for me.

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Just received my Smartlight CC2652P coordinator from Ukraine, really a top notch seller on eBay!

I would like the LED:s to work with Home Assistant, but I guess that I must reflash the controller with Egony firmware and re-pair all units again? Never done such operation before.

Any other benefits over stock firmware?