Zigbee Bed occupancy sensor

After reading this

so thanks @kiwinol

got one of these Door sensor


Let join them can’t be that hard

test it does make the meter buzz YES :slight_smile:

open it


magnetic switch

put the wires on


put back together


plug it and test

do the pairing thing in deconz give a name

put it under the mattress

dont put to close side dont want going on when just setting on bed

only problem to work out

is the logic

open is NOT in bed
Closed is in bed


look like need to do some reading find out how to change the logic

want it to other way round so when in bed its lights up the icon
think its a template

someone got a idea ???


Awesome! I think you can create a template binary sensor in this case: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/binary_sensor.template/

Which will give you a new binary sensor with the states you want, getting on = in bed and off = not in bed. Then use that in automations and frontend.

Here’s a bit of an example I use

thanks @ASNNetworks and @automateit

I did this way

        friendly_name: "In bed his side"
        value_template: >-
          {{not is_state("binary_sensor.bed_his_side",'on')}}
        device_class: motion

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Are you using an innerspring mattress Myle?

Wondering if it will work through mine. Getting sick of having to calibrate my strain gauge drift every 4 months or so.

Any tip to buy rhis mat on ali express? Can’t find one there…

There are a few on ebay. Couldn’t find any on aliexpress.

Large size available in the UK:

Smaller one in Australia:

Such a simple idea! Simple is usually the right solution…
Just wondering if it would trigger using a heavy mattress?

Ok, ordered. Now convince my wife and hope the bed is not too heavy :-). My wife is not :-).

Your wife is not too heavy? :zipper_mouth_face:


amazon link


the find print says

350 lbs (160 kg)

PM4969 large pressure sensitive mat featuring NO contacts, suitable for applications including alarm systems, automatic doors, patient bed monitoring and seat occupancy detection.

  • Normally open contacts
  • Dimensions: 720 x 560 x 3mm
  • Operating pressure: 25kg over 50mm²

Such an amazing idea! I’ve just ordered a mat. I’m going to try it on my daughters bed to flash our lights if she wakes up at night (we can’t always hear her as the cheap monitor cuts in and out - But Zigbee is rock solid in her room!)

Ordered this :slight_smile:

I love it! Have been thinking about a bed sensor for long, but the solution I’ve thought of is using these weighing scale stuff which is hard to mount on our bed. Of course it would be nice to know the weight in bed to determine if it is one person or two for example, but what is really useful is just a binary state.
Question about all these pressure mats, do they all just work as mechanical switches? What I’m really wondering is, do they all work with the aqara door sensor in that sence?

And of course if you prefer wifi, you can equally connect it to an esp.

correct bro

this just started as a brain fart idea

you could even make a leak sensor

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My mat came today and I set it up. To cheat I have gone into customizations, and changes the “Device Class” to “Safety”.
This means when someone is in bed its marked as “Safe” and “Unsafe” if the bed is empty - May be worth playing around with other device classes.
But seeing as I needed it to tell me if my Daughter is wandering around, ‘Safety’ works fantastic for me!


like the your thinking bro

Anyone managed to successfully connect this PM4969 pressure mat to a Xiaomi/Aquara Contact Sensor? I see that the PM4969 comes with 4 cables and not sure how to connect it up. Would appreciate any suggestions :blush: :+1: