Zigbee device problem adding in zha

I ordered some Zigbee buttons from Ali Express


The package says ZG-101ZL/ZG-101Z

Adding works until configuration starts, that take very long and does not work every time. But after it has been added I can not use it, sometimes it is shown as unknown directly after adding.

Does someone know why it makes this problems or has an idea how to solve it?

The Zigbee button will not show any entities, you need to go to Developer > Event and listen to zha_event and configure manually, or you can try to find a blueprint associated with your device.

I know there are no switch or buttons visible. But also the firmware and battery entity are only sometimes added. But everything is directly unknown. It does not show any events fired. Added automation for single click is never triggered.


Look here to see if your device is supported or if someone has a quirk files to tide you over until it is supported assuming it is not.

If you are looking at how to use the quirks, How to setup local ZHA quirks.

Has a discussion about it. I’m sure searching the community would find you more stuff.

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Zigbee shows it as zhaquirks.tuya.ts004f.TuyaSmartRemote004FSK_v2

And what I see that means the zha_quirk is loaded. But no events get fired on pressing the device. Not sure if that means the quirk ist noch working or something with device or network is wrong.

Short after adding it says
LQI: 255
Rssi: -66

And short after it goes to unkown.