Zigbee devices unvailable after Home Assistant RESTART

Hi all,

Really loving to get back to my Home Assistant project, but need some help on a recurring issue…
Each time a execute a “Restart” of the Home Assistant several of my zigbee devices become “Unavailable” and do not recover from such state.
The only solution i’ve found so far was to delete them and redo the pairing…
I’d like to get this stright before moving forward with my project, since it can become quite tricky to go over this process everytime I make an update, a reboot of the system or simply the “Restart” via the gui after a configuration.ymal modification…

I don’t really know which kind of information do you need to help me, so please let me know what to serach for :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help!

After a restart, does HA detect the Zigbee controller?

Yes it does, along with several zigbee end-devices (exactly the same as the failing ones) and/or routers (tradfri bulbs).

Which devices are failing to update?

(Thanks for the fast reply :+1:)

Xiaomi magnet sensor, temperature and humity sensors and also movement sensors (but inly some of them, others are fine).
The most strange thing is that all zigbee devices are connect when I open the “Visualization” !

So all battery devices? So even if you force the device to update, HA never see’s it? Do you have the retain flag set?

All are battery powered devices.

What do you mean by “Update” → press the same buttton as when we reset the device? If yes, I’ve tried it and it does not make anything better.

What is the “retain flag” :smiley:

Strange issue, now sure what could be causing it. (I’m new to HA)

Which coordinator do you use? Do you have any mains/powered devices?

I have, when I was using ConbeeII, seen that the aqara/xiaomi end devices lost connection to the coordinator, however was stable when connected to a mains/router device. The problem is they are bad at moving between “parents”, and during a reboot the “parent” is gone. I have been using Hue bulbs and Aqara plugs as mains with success, however others mains might be just as good.

My coordinator is the following one:
CC2531, Z-Stack Home 1.2 (build 20201127)
by Texas Instruments
Connected via Texas Instruments CC2531, Z-Stack Home 1.2 (build 20201127)
This is directly connected to the Raspberry pi USB.

Then I have in my network also two IKEA Tradfri lamps (always connected to mains) that take roles of router.

Try an USB extension cable. And make sure it is connected to an USB 2 port.

Thanks @francisp, but all USB ports of a Raspeberry Pi 3b+ (the one being used) are 2.0.
The thing of the cable does not make any sense.

Yes it does make sense. It gets the zigbee coordinator away from interference.

@nickrout : the issue has nothing to do with interference:

  • All devices are mapped in the network diagram (see above)
  • Some of them are not directly linked to the coordinator (i.e. the one connected to the USB of the RPi3b+), but to a zigbee router (IKEA Tradfri)
  • The issue only appears in a some of the sensors when I make a Home Assistant “Restart”. Until the “Restart” everything works perfectly.
  • If I redo a “Restart” or host reboot, the sensors that were unavailble stay unavailable
  • it is only affecting Xiaomi magnet sensor, temperature+humity sensors and movement sensors

Fair point, but interference may be preventing reconnection. Eliminate all possibilities.

Also, the cc2531 is old hat, update.

@nickrout : do mean update the Hardware or the Firmware I’m running on it?
Do you have any suggestion on something that works without issues?

Agree with @nickrout, make sure the coordinator is away from the RPi (USB cable extender, 1m or more) and update the firmware.
Specifically for the aqara sensors. Make sure they are attached through one of the routers, and not the coordinator. Done by only allowing “pairing” through the optimal device and make a rejoin on the device.

Thanks for all your feedback :+1: :+1:
I’ll follow @nickrout and @khvej8 suggestions and post some feedback once I’ve everything rock solid.

I am experiencing the exact same issue. Whenever I reboot or restart my Home Assistant, there is 1 single zigbee device that becomes unresponsive. I need to delete it and re-add it every single time. My other 10+ zigbee devices remain fine. I am using Zigbee2MQTT.

What’s even stranger is that the lone problematic zigbee device is a YooKee smart cover (window blind). I have 5 other identical YooKee smart covers which continue to work fine. The problematic blind is not the furthest from the Sonoff USB zigbee controller and it’s next to a blind that continues to work fine.

I’m running on a RP5 with the latest version.