Zigbee dongle - Are zzh! still trading? Tried Sonoff, but never got that to work

I purchased the Sonoff Dongle plus, but after two days of fiddling, never managed to get it to work.
The flashing process is HORRENDOUS, as it refuses to go into boot mode, so resorted to the python method. On the surface, this seemed to work, but never got the dongle to actually do anything through zigbee2mqtt… I sent it back.

I do however, have experience with the Electrolama ZZH!. It works really very well, but am not getting any joy on their website… Is suspect they have stopped trading. Anyone know?

It is an unfortunately reality of the open source home automation world that we are in, that small companies with good/great ideas and products come and then disappear.

Hate to spend your coin, but I would go with a device from a larger company. Sonoff for example. Not that they will be more responsive to a support request, it is just that a lot more folks out there are probably using their products. And their products will probably be ‘around and for sale’ for a longer period.

A lesson I learned from one of my mentors was : ‘If it’s good, it’s gone!’

So I buy two (at twice the price :wink: ) of pretty much any home automation gadget I buy.

To your frustration with getting a device into ‘DFU’ mode in order to upgrade the firmware, from my experience this is often a universal problem. No real solution I have found other than : stubbornness and lots of :wine_glass: and :beer:

Good hunting!

I went from zzh! to this, very happy. UZG Gateway - ZigStar UZG

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I see that’s an all in one solution which suits my needs perfectly. Does it work out of the box or do you have to fiddle with a firmware update like you do the sonoff?
I also can’t see it on the list of supported adapters here Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT

‘Buy two of everything’ is how it goes here too… wife getting a little peeved at all the boxes I am collecting!
Except of course the zzh! Should have…

Faced with purchasing another sonoff dongle plus… hope the second one works better than the first

Yep, me too. Latest is 2 Pi5’s.

Works out of the box, pre-flashed. There is also an addon to HA that specifically is for firmware updating the UZG-01. I think you missed it under hybrid adapters supported:

That’s fantastic, thanks for the heads-up. Actually, saves me a Pi4 too.
Am curious, did you pick that as its superior than the others in the same category, or for other reasons?

I needed a network based coordinator and I picked it mainly because of a good review and also that they are active on this forum. CC2652P7 is also nice.


Thanks for the help. Job done :slight_smile: