Zigbee extremely slow since last HA update

Hello everyone, since the last HA update my zigbee network doesn’t work anymore. Devices take minutes to hours to receive the signal. Sometimes they don’t work at all. Home assistant turned into a nightmare tonight because all the tries of switching random switches happend hours after going to bed.

I have a raspberry pi 4 with 4gb ram and a Sonoff Zigbee USB3 Stick.

Please I really need help. My WAF crashed into the negatives tonight.

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Home Assistant
Operating System

Herr are 2 log exports

Same problem here, not only with the zigbee but also with the bluetooth devices.

Check my topic here:

Still having massive issues. I started debug logging on Zigbee and created a massive 50MB log within 3 minutes with over 100.000 entries. Something is definetly wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated :frowning: Here is the log: home-assistant_zha_2024-02-06T18-03-01.025Z.log - Google Drive

Some more Info: I have 26 Zigbee devices, 13 Tuya Smart plugs, 3 Tuya temps sensors, 2 zigbee extenders, some power sensors and door contacts…

I now have updated to the latest beta, still with no improvement.

Hello @agak79, I created an issue on github. The problem might be fixed with the upcoming beta that should release within the next hours. Check here: Zigbee extremely slow since last HA update · Issue #109839 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Thanks, I will follow that topic also. Mine is now working after reinstalling the coordinator and the whole set of devices but I only have 3 devices as I’m starting with HA.