Zigbee Firmware Update Failed

There’s a new update today to 0x1001304f, and it looks like it’s failing in the same ways described above

They sent me a dev device that I’m going to hook up this weekend so they can use me as a test monkey.

No Firmware Update with IKEA RODRET

Try moving it closer to the dongle, I had a few trouble Zigbee devices but when I moved them closer they were fine to update.

On a related note, but more on the Third Reality device sub-thread in here, so far the newest update seems to be better but I’ll have to wait a few days to see if they fall off the network again. This looks like it came out last night: 0x10013050.

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I have 24 of the ThirdReality Zigbee plugs in my home. I had updated the firmware to 0x1001304b (from the original out of the box firmware), and have regretted it. I wish I could go back.

As you are in contact with the company, kindly let them know that a loyal customer wants to also be a test monkey. I really like their product line, and would be happy to contribute- my network’s stability (and my investment) depends on it! :grinning:

Same. The 0x10013050 seems to be better so far.

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How does the situation seem now? I have 11 of these plugs that I had to replace with z-wave ones because they were just too unreliable. Every time I see all those plugs in my smart stuff graveyard I feel a bit sad. I’d love to be able to start using them again.

Mine are reliable but still can’t update the firmware on most devices.


I’ve updated about 18 of these and they are back to be solid again.

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Arrived here with the same issue for multiple Ikea STYRBARs (battery remote control).

@DrSword70 is right. In my case the issue was that the devices needed to be woken up before the update. For the Ikea devices that operate on batteries, the waking up is done by pressing on the pair button (it can sometimes be a hit and miss to correctly time the button press with the update launch, but it’s somewhat similar to the pairing - just try a couple of times until it works). I also pulled the battery before, just for good measure.

The update can take hours and moving the device closer to the controller might speed up the process a little bit.

LE: Except for one stubborn remote that worked only after pulling the batteries out, it seems that waking up also works just by pressing any button. Also, for those devices that are connected in the network to something else than the controller, it seems it’s actually better to leave them in place, rather than moving them close to the controller.

I’m using a Thirdreality Zigbee contact sensor, I can get my HA YELLOW to see it and connect. I can add it to automations and they work; for about a day and then they just drop off, and become unavailable. I do get the notice that there is a zigbee up date, but when I try to install it get to 5% and then I get the notice “failed to call service update/install. Update was not successful: <Status. FAILURE: 1>.

Any Idea was to why it just keeps becoming unavailable after a certain amount of time?

There was a firmware failure a while ago, there are several threads about it in addition to this one. The latest firmware should fix your problem. Try moving the plugs within a few feet of the dongle, that’s what I had to do on a handful of mine.