Zigbee / HA light switches

Hi everyone,
I’m a newbie to Home Assistant but have had Tuya Smartlife and a few light switches.

Looking for recommendations for Zigbee or HA compatible light Switches for Australian market.

I’d like to mix and match, on/off push button and dimmer switches that look the same for a nice consistent look.

whats everyone using :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.

Have a look over at the ‘Australian Certified’ thread.

I recently got one of these. You can also get dimmers that look the same. That said, I don’t recommend them as it seems to be causing issues on my ZigBee network and I’m about to send it back.

A more expensive, but far better in my opinion is to use Z-Wave dimmers and switches placed behind whatever wall plate you like. (the two links basically being what I have elsewhere and will be replacing the ZigBee unit with)

thanks Dave :slight_smile:

I was looking at the zwave modules that sit behind the switches, however it looks like you can only adjust the dimming through the app.
I’d like to be able to adjust dimming through app and also manually with a switch.

I’ve seen these - but yet to test → Dimmer Switch Mechanism | Ikuü (ikuu.com.au)

would be nice to had switches that are nice look, btw, I’m not a fan of the glass front ones, and heard of issues with them too

You can definitely do this with the Z=Wave units. It’s what I do. Not sure where you got that dodgy info from but it’s not true.

You can use any wall plate you want including the basic white ones that your house likely already has. The best solution however is to replace the toggle switches with momentary pushbuttons.

(sorry about the supplier links, they are just easier than sifting through Clipsal website which has a garbage search function)

thanks again, sorry for all the questions, how can you adjust dimming from the switch, if its just a normal momentary switch?

The Z-wave dimmers I use can be setup to either use a single button (momentary) for dimmer (which is what I use) or two buttons, where you could have one for dim up and one for dim down. It’s configurable in the device settings. Using one button, it basically toggles between up and down each press, then you hold to dim either way.

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