Zigbee Innr SP 242 smart plug energy usage - only updates in Zigbee2mqtt

Hi! I have a few Innr SP 242 smart plugs on some appliances I’d like to monitor the energy usage of. They’re in zigbee2mqtt, they report an ‘energy’ value, Home Assistant picks this up and I can add them to the Energy dashboard as individual devices. Groovy!

The trouble is, they will only update their energy total when I press the ‘refresh’ button next to the ‘energy’ value in the ‘exposes’ section in Zigbee2mqtt. Until then, the energy value just stays static, so the Home Assistant graphs just show a flat line. It suddenly jumps up after I refresh the energy value.

The same seems to be true of the Power, Voltage and Current values.

Is this a quirk of this particular device? Or am I meant to do something special to handle energy usage for these entity types?


Sounds as if you’re monitoring power, not energy.

Oh no - I just mention those entities since they don’t update without manually refreshing, either. I’m definitely using the ‘energy’ value and this appears correctly in Home Assistant:

It’s just that the energy (and the power/voltage/current) all seem to require a manual refresh of their values before they’ll update - I have to press the little blue refresh buttons in zigbee2mqtt here:

Each time I press the button, the value updates, and Home Assistant sees it as a big sudden jump in energy consumed:


I’m beginning to think this is just a quirk with this particular model of smart plug - I have other plugs. I have another plug (a Moes one) which doesn’t have a refresh button for energy, but is currently plugged into a very low power appliance - as a test, I’ll switch them around to see if the Moes one updates its energy value more frequently than the Innr.

The smart plugs have a firmware issue that means they don’t start reporting state updates automatically after power cycling. Innr needs to release a firmware update to fix.

You can work around it by manually setting the reporting settings as discussed in the issue I submitted about it a few months ago:

Ah fantastic, thank you! I mean, not fantastic that it’s happening, but fantastic that I’m not going mad and it’s fixable with firmware :slight_smile:

In the meantime I bought a bunch of Moes plugs off AliExpress which are working really well - I shall plug in the Innr ones again once new firmware is available - thanks for logging it!