ZigBee interferences with WiFi

I have Phillips hue lights (with its own switch, no hub) and a Xiaomi Gateway. I realized WiFi is having interferences because of zigbee network. How can I know which zigbee channel are Phillips hue and Xiaomi Gateway using, so I can set WiFi channel accordingly?

How did you realize this?

I have 2 UniFi APs in my 2 floor house. One on the first floor, and another on the second floor. Near the AP on second floor recently I installed a Xiaomi Gateway, and noticed that the AP is not working (constantly disconnecting), I tried disconnecting Xiaomi Gateway, and the AP works perfectly. I tried several times, and if the gateway is connected, WiFi is not working on the second floor. I noticed some disconnections on the first floor, so it may be because hue lights.

ZigBee works with 2.54GHz, and some channels can overlap some WiFi channels, so I have to configure it accordingly. I can’t use 5GHz WiFi because I have some old devices incompatible with it.