Zigbee LED bulbs


I have a GoControl QuickStick HUSBZ-1 stick on order. It supports both z-wave and zigbee.

I’m looking for cheaper LED bulbs than Philips Hue. I found Ecosmart LED bulbs at Home Depot Canada (https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.ampoule--del-a19--changement-de-couleur-rvbb-commande--distance-quivalant--60-w.1000844848.html). They are zigbee devices. Should it work out of the box with hass and the HUSBZ-1 stick?


Here’s the tread where people have collected experiences with the ZHA Zigbee platform:

Unfortunately, nobody reported success or failure with theses bulbs. Guess I will have to test myself.


Let us know how it goes!