Zigbee light switch with decoupled mode?

I read it earlier from the other thread:

I know it does not fit your 4th requirement that was added later on. But anyways it is likely the most probable option out there.

True. I have my Hue and IKEA lights (also without bridges) configured to “previous” power-on behavior which I believe means they will resume whatever state they were in before they lost power. This is mainly in case of a power outage (which I agree should be an edge case for most households).

Configuring the lights power-on behavior to “off” should definitely allow for your suggested work-around, and will only require sending commands to any affected switches.

That is totally fine, it’s good that there are options for other scenarios. And yes, this option should work with most smart switches. In cases of non-neutral switches (like the ZBMiniL2 for example) it should also be possible to use Wago blocks/terminals for example to power the switch without having it interfere with the light directly, but I leave that for professionals to determine. :slight_smile:

I stumbled on this topic in my search for a decoupled Zigbee wall-switch.

It got me wondering, and I think could you achieve this with a 2-gang (internal wall) switch? Put the physical switch on S1/Channel 1 and not connect the output of channel 1. It would effectively act, as other have said, purely an input switch.
Then, connect the bulb to channel 2 output, and leave the switch input for this channel unconnected.
This means we have now separated the light from the switch, without taking away the opportunity to actually cut the power to the bulb. And by having two different HA automations, you can switch between either cutting power, or controlling the bulb, i.e. on/off of the smart bulb.

You could even use one automation with a condition choice based on an input_helper to decide which function you want the switch to have. E.g. ‘maintenance mode’ for hard switch, or ‘functional mode’ for normal on/off behaviour of the smart bulb.

This would be effectively be a decoupled light switch? Or am I missing something?

Thank you for contributing! If I understand you correctly I think it’s something along the lines as @conklingni mentioned previously in this thread (see quote below), or am I wrong?

In any case, yes this is a great workaround! I am not sure what defines as decoupled but what I mean is the relay (that is what switches on and off the power output) is separated from the switch (what is pressed) on a software level.

I saw aquara switches on aliexpress that supports decoulped mode for only 15 €. Maybe its better to buy one, if someone need this, than to play around with electricity.

If possible please refer to the specific models so that we may look into them (perhaps you are referring to the one you mentioned previously). Aqara, and other suppliers, provide a number of switches and if we have missed any of them it would be nice to be able to look into the details of said device.

When it comes to “playing around with electricity” it’s important to note: Always hire authorized professionals (at least in countries where this is required by law) for electric work. I hope everyone here understands that noone should perform possibly harmful or lethal activities without proper training or oversight from a professional.

That being said I know there are battery powered switches that can be placed or mounted anywhere but the purpose of this thread was to find devices according to the requirements in my initial post.

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Here you [go]https://a.aliexpress.com/_mrh5d2g)
Just quick check.

Thank you! Yes, this seems to be the a switch similar to what you linked previously (the WS-EUK01), and I believe this also requires electrical work (due to wires from the switch to the light among other things).

I recommend you (and everyone else for that matter) to take a look at https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices, a great resource when looking into what configuration options are exposed on a device.

It seems that Aqara QBKG38LM control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT (which is the one you linked just now) looks pretty similar to Aqara WS-EUK01 control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT (which was the one you mentioned previously) and both seem to support decoupled mode, so that is great!

I agree that it’s also a cheaper alternative to the Ubisys switches but with the caveat that you will need to replace the whole switch (see my previous answer below):

This is a picture of it

This is the code WS-EUK01 and what I see this is sold now on aliexpress for a 15 €. Big discount from what is was a year ago.
Electrical work is marginal as you only need to connect live and light wire or live, neutral and light wire depending on your setup.

As I mentioned in my previous disclaimer the only recommendation I think we should give is that electrical work should always be performed by a professional. We can’t know or control what people do, but I don’t think we should start splitting hairs since we are still talking about live wires. It doesn’t matter if it’s two, three or five wires. It only takes one mistake to cause potential harm.

Well it does but on the other hand it is not that difficult. I mean if you are able to install, configure and set it up and running home assistant on linux, as this is basically made for linux, then it reasonable doubt that those guys will understand some basic electrical procedure.

The recommendations and legislation probably looks different depending on what country you live in, and on top of that there are probably gray areas as well. I don’t think we should get into a discussion electrical work in this thread, suffice it to say that everyone will have to adhere to the rules and regulations that apply to them. Where I live for example the number of wires or my knowledge doesn’t matter, I still need to contact a professional.

But to answer the subject matter - yes, external (not built-in) Aqara switches is an option.

I’m using the Aqara H1 in the UK and it seems to work great in de-coupled mode. Got mine from Amazon but Aliexpress ones above are similar, I think they may market them as Xioami too.

Is everyone here that has successfully used the Aqara H1 in decoupled mode done so with Z2M, or has anyone done this with ZHA, as that’s what I use?

I am looking for the same answer did you find anything?

@IssaSFX - Are you saying that none of the recommendations above work for you? Could you help explain why they would not working in your scenario? I mean, what are the criteria / boundary conditions for you?

Sorry, i missclicked i wanted to reply to @rahulpunk 's question

Is everyone here that has successfully used the Aqara H1 in decoupled mode done so with Z2M, or has anyone done this with ZHA, as that’s what I use?

I researched the topic and for my setup this looks to be the most viable Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) WS-EUK02 Zigbee compatibility (blakadder.com)

but also i am not sure if the Decouple mode will work accordingly with ZHA

I’ve done this with an automation in HA, when the switch is toggled the automation turns the relay back on. The output to the light can also be controlled through a toggle/input_boolean helper if you need to isolate the lightbulb.

I’m trying to replace the Shelly 1s in decoupling mode with zigbee. but I can’t find anything. can you give me some advice?