Zigbee Management Panel for Zigbee2mqtt

Hi. The new Zigbee Management Panel seems really good but it only supports the zigbee devices supported by zigpy. The CC253X zigbee devices are very cheap and popular among the HA’s users but are supported only by zigbee2mqtt and not zigpy. Is it possibile to add zigbee2mqtt support in Zigbee Management Panel?

That’s not how it works. The panel is for the internal implementation. Your request is better aimed at the developers of zigbee2mqtt

@Robban Uhm, could you please explain me how it works? Couldn’t HA developers “emulate” zigbee2mqtt as a zha and send MQTT messages to zigbee2mqtt? Here it’s shown an example of the commands the Zigbee Management Panel could send to zigbee2mqtt .

Well it’s not in the zha developers interest to support zigbee2mqtt. Their focus is on a great experience with zha. Which is also a hass native implementation.

Mqtt systems are designed to be decoupled from hass. So there is no reason to keep a native configuration of it.

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On Zigpy project there are many issues about adding support to TI CC253X chip but Zigpy doesn’t seem interested on it. The only way to add support for this chip is to support zigbee2mqtt…

They are still two miles apart implementations with only similarity that they both implement zigbee support.

Supporting zigbee2mqtt in the same frontend as zigpy is not the same as supporting TI CC253x in zigpy

From Home Assistant’s perspective, all it sees are MQTT topics. It doesn’t know what kind of device is producing them. The topics and messages might be from:

  • a Zigbee-enabled light via zigbee2mqtt.
  • a simple light via a Sonoff switch.
  • a Zwave-enabled light via another home automation system (Smartthings Hub).

Therefore the source of the messages is not known to Home Assistant. Regardless of their lighting technology, the devices all look the same to Home Assistant.

The whole point of zigbee2mqtt is to create a standalone zigbee to MQTT converter. If you want a management interface for it, someone has created a (beta) version that uses Node-red.

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What about making a zigbee2mqtt component for HA with a front-end interface based on zigbee2mqttadminpanel?

What about just opening a browser and pointing it to the zigbee2mqttadminpanel?

What about adding the possibility to indicate an MQTT topic as zigbee2mqtt topic?

Do you think having to install node-red only to control zigbee2mqtt is a good solution?

Why would that be an onerous step? It’s just one more thing to do in an existing, multi-step process to get zigbee2mqtt operational:

Buying a CC2531 from China (wait X weeks for delivery), along with the paraphernalia to program it, then installing the required programming software, uploading the CC2531 with the firmware, and then installing an MQTT Broker.

If you want fewer steps, and a management console, get a Zigbee dongle that works with ZHA.

If viewing the zigbee network map is adequate (for zigbee2mqtt), there’s this project:

Oh no, the problem isn’t the complexity but the fact that I imagined a better integration in HA, something similar to the new Zigbee Management Panel (in fact I opened this topic in HA’s feature requests category). Under the 0.86 version announcement, many users asked about a compatibility between Zigbee Management Panel and CC253X so I thought to open a new topic. Anyway, if this is the only solution and none is interested in implementing it in HA, I’ll use node-red. Thank you all for the suggestions.

This probably the best way

Where is the zigbee panel?I can’t find information

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I think you have to enable the ZHA integration

I would also be interested in this, but seems like this will not be implemented.

I use zigbee2mqtt and I’m happy with it, because it supports so much devices.

I totally missed ZHA until the the update to 0.86.
Could not find the supported devices list.

Could someone point out the advantages and disadvantages of both services.
Which one should me chosen and why (if someone reads that, that has no zigbee network yet)?