Zigbee or wifi thermostat for electric floor heating? Non-cloud

I’ve been unsuccessfully searching here and on the internet for a home-assistant compatible thermostat for my electric floor heating. I would appreciate any recommendations or hints. Shipping from Europe would be nice so I avoid paying 65€ + taxes for shipping :slight_smile: , but other suggestions are welcome too - in case people from other continents find this thread.

A thermostat for electric resistance heating is just a switch. Any mains-powered smart switch, rated for the appropriate current, will work. Then use the HA Generic Thermostat:

Right, good idea. I still need a temp sensor into the floor, but yeah, that would work. In general I like the idea of separate components. It gives more flexibility.

I never had in-floor heating, so correct me if I’m wrong, but…

Isn’t it the air temperature of the room that you want to measure and adjust for?

Both. Floor heating is much more expensive than heat pump -heat, so I want to keep the floor cooler than the air. I also want to experiment with predictively heating the floor when electricity is cheap, and avoid it when it is expensive.

** Update:**

Currently it is hard to find a satisfactory solution with Zigbee. There are some nice switches, like the sonoff one, but energy consumption requires a separate device - which at least doubles the cost. I didn’t find any temperature monitor with an external sensor.

However there is a good solution using wifi: Shelly 1PM. It has a switch, temperature monitor add-on, and power monitoring. It is really affordable too. Just amazing. I really hope someone makes a similar product using Zigbee. Apparently Shelly stuff works over their servers - not locally, but can be flashed to use tasmota or esphome to work locally.

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How many Amps would it be when you turn on your floor heating circuit? Anyway just be careful that Shelly 1PM would handle up to 16A, and that’s max so not a good idea for constant 14-16A going through your Shelly 1PM for any long period.

Other than that, good luck and share your project back here when it is done!

I will. Thanks for the words of caution. My current circuit breakers are 16A, but luckily the Shelly includes power monitoring, so I can keep an eye on it.