Zigbee or ZWave wind sensor

I could not find any products to an acceptable price. Can somebody give a recommendation?

Someone built their own a while ago.

I suspect you’re unlikely to find anything Zigbee - very few products are waterproof. There may also be connection problems unless you’ve got a very expensive mesh of garden lighting.

I’m not familiar with Z-Wave, but the same could be true there.

I have several Ecowitt products which work very well. You have to have a gateway on your wi-fi network, but that will connect with outdoor sensors over quite long distances. That’s RF.

I second Ecowitt. (for the win)

Ordered. (despite not being cheap)

Tell me about it… :roll_eyes:

Already working in combination with HA. Setup was a matter of a few minutes.

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Here’s a great card to go with it. Works with statistics.