Zigbee pulse counter

My water meter has a magnet attached to one of the dials, so a device which counts pulses to record my water usage should be easy.

However, surprisingly there seem to be very few Zigbee pulse counter devices available, and the ones I’ve found seem very expensive. I’m thinking of using a door/window sensor (which are available for about £2 from Aliexpress), but wondered if anyone had any better suggestions before I go down that route - I would prefer the device itself to count the pulses because just using a window sensor and counting them on Home Assistant means some pulses may go missing over the zigbee network.

This discussion seems to have come up a few times before and people seem to have settled on using ESPHome. However, I’ve settled on Zigbee for home automation stuff and this thing is going to need to be battery powered so I’m a bit uninclined to go in that direction.

You sound on the right track, but a thought. A battery powered sensor that can’t really sleep much, has to broadcast a lot, is going to be hard on batteries. Might have to think about that in the design, use an 18650 passed thru a diode maybe with a door sensor that takes a 3v battery? Just a thought.

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