Zigbee Recommendation

I am currently in the process of trying to eliminate the internet from my HA set up (I am mostly Hue and Samsung SmartThings). While I do have a few wifi devices (Kasa only), I would like to get rid of the 2 hubs.

I orginally bought one of the cheap $5 zigbee dongles (it actually cost me more in shipping than it cost to buy), which i think was DOA.

I’m looking for something that is going to allow me to replace my 2 hubs. I ordered a Conbee II stick, and am thinking of the dConz integration . . . anyone have any pointers? Either on hardware (return the Conbee and get a Sonoff zigbee hub and flash it?), implementation, etc?

I’m in the IT world (software dev that has moved to management, so . . . don’t feel like you have to sugar coat the tech speak)

Sonoff zbbridge flashed. Works very well. Good range and remote.
No need to plug it anywhere.

You realize they don’t work out of the box, they need to be flashed with new firmware before they work ? Anyway, I would not recommend them.

I use Hubitat for all of my Zigbee/Z-Wave needs.
It’s not got for running but it is a bridge with a great custom component.
I do all my automation in node-red and it’s all still very fast.

Yeah, but it wouldn’t even stayed powered up.

Its a bit of an open question.

I have used the CC2531 dongles with zigbee2mqtt and found them surprisingly good. I switched a few months ago to a Conbee II and deconz that I am pretty happy with it.

Deconz probably has more moving parts than I need (although seems very stable) so I am thinking to try the built in HA zigbee support with ZHA

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