Zigbee smart relay/switch like Shelly Mini Gen 3

The Shelly Mini Gen 3 series seems to be a great choice for a smart relay as it’s well supported in HA, but it’s not available as a Zigbee device which is a real pain.

There are dozens of similar Zigbee devices on Ali Express, with and without power monitoring, but finding which ones work well with HA is not easy. There are lots of discussions on this topic, but I’m still not seeing any clear winners.

I need the small size and reliability/HA compatibility of the Shelly with a reasonable switching capability (>8A) plus the option of power monitoring. The option of multiple switches would be a bonus.

As a starting point, you could have a look here:

You don’t say what integration you’re using. If it’s Z2M, there’s a list of supported devices:

If it’s ZHA, you have to check for known issues:

Don’t buy cheap stuff from Ali Express without researching it thoroughly! :grin:

Zigbee buyer's guide.

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I tend to look for zigbee solutions as I’m familiar with them at this point (over Zwave). But I have 2 Shelly 1PMs that are very reliable, and wouldn’t hesitate to get more as needs arise. I also have 3 Emporia Vue2 elec. panel passive monitors that are WiFi communicators as well - all of 'em rather flawless as reliability goes.

Which leaves me curious as to why you require a zigbee solution for this. Just wondering.

Thanks to Stiltjack and Bob Tullis for your responses.

The database is a good starting point, but not much help narrowing the field.

I’m using ZHA to start with, but may move to MQTT later if needed.

My reason for wanting Zigbee is because my HA Yellow already has a hub and I also have some other Zigbee bulbs. It’s also the recommended choice of Home Automation Guy whose YouTube videos are so helpful, mainly because of the huge choice available.

I was hoping for some recommendations from users who had found devices that were reliable and worked well with HA.