Zigbee Smart Switch

Looking for a zigbee smart switch that would replace an in wall paddle switch. Would like to be able to turn my ceiling fan on and off in my bedroom via automation or via my phone.

Would love it if the switch acted independently of the zigbee command, so the switch didn’t have to be “on” all the time to allow the automation to run.

What would you all recommend?



Thanks for those, but I was actually looking for real use case recommendations…

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Something like: ROBB Smarrt Inbouwschakelaar 400W Zigbee | We ❤️ Smart! | ROBBshop
You hook up the fan and you can connect the old switch to this. The switch will keep working and you can switch it via HA.

Most of the units like this will work like this.

I stand a better chance to make it work just by replacing a switch in a wall, i assume that device goes into the ceiling above the fan?

No, behind the switch. But without any info on how the situation is now i can just offer a general solution.
I dont know what kind of switch is already there, is there space behind the switch?
What country is this for? (helps with finding out what can be used)

The current setup is a 3 switch gang box with a switch for two lights and a fan switch.

This is in the USA, 60hz 110v AC

If i was going to put this in the wall behind the switch, why wouldn’t I just go with a zigbee switch from the getgo?

The Zigbee switch could not match the rest of the switches in the room. So looks for one.
Plus a module could be cheaper to replace if it fails.

As i’m from NL i do not have alot of experience with those style of boxes. So cant help you there.

Sorry I didn’t realise you wanted us to do your research.

I’m willing to do my own research, what I’m looking for is recommendations on switches, what do people have that they love, what should I stay away from?

For instance, is this a good switch to use?

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The sites I pointed to say it works. But you’ll know that already I assume.

Search the forum and this pops up though Problem with Enbrighten Zigbee Smart Light Switch