ZigBee USB stick for Europe (European Union) compatible with HASS?

Any recommendations or suggestions which ZigBee USB sticks work out-of-the-box with HASS in Europe (European Union) and Scandinavia?

Reason for this questions is that I like I’m guessing many others am now looking to also make use of Home Assistant new native support for ZigBee, as implemented with pull request #6263

Example, in Europe the most commonly sold ZigBee USB stick are the ConBee ZigBee USB Gateway by Dresden Elektronik, but unfortunatly is they are not yet compatible with HASS or Home Assistant implementation of ZigBee. North America can just use the referenced GoControl QuickStick Combo HUSBZB-1, but I’m not sure that it would work in Europe, and even if would work I think the frequencies it use are technically illegal to use in Europe.

Personally I’m looking to direct control ZigBee endpoint devices from HASS on a Raspberry Pi without going through third-party hubs/gateways. That is, direct control of European sold ZigBee sensors, lights, and outlets, such as those from Samsung SmartThings, Philips, Iris, and Osram. (Again, direct connecting to ZigBee endpoint devices via a ZigBee USB stick, so without going through the API of a third-party Hub/Gateway like the Philips Hue Hub).

BTW, there is already a thread on the Home Assistant commynity forum with the same question no solutions yet:

PS: Would be very nice if HASS had an official Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) & Hardware Compatibility Guide.

FYI, Dresden Elektronik have offered to donate RaspBee/ConBee hardware to developers Home Assistant if they would like to implement native support for them, see comment from manup here: