Zigbee / zwave base station in "smoke alarm" form factor?

Hello all,

I have a pretty robust home assistant system running on my own home server at this point and I’m pretty satisfied, except that I have to very long USB adapter cables running up the wall to position the zigbee and zwave dongles where they get the best reception.

I would like a cleaner install, so I wonder if there’s anything out there that looks sort of like a smoke alarm (like this) that I can stick somewhere on the ceiling of my living room and then connect to my home server, preferably wirelessly but ethernet would be ok too - usb would be unpractical but I don’t know if such a device even exist.

No such device like that exists as far as I am aware. Have you looked into the aeotec z-wave extenders?

I don’t run zigbee so other than running something in the wall I can offer nothing.

For Zigbee, there are the tube zb coordinators

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They come in white, which may make it fit better with most ceilings. However the antenna will still be black, unless you source another.

Yeah I have an Aeotech extender, it’s pretty flakey.

Looks like I might have found something: Zigbee 3.0 to Ethernet bridge/gateway (wired not WiFi) inexpensive DIY project for ZHA

You mean other than the ones @francisp pointed you to?

similar except I don’t like their enclosures and they are all out of stock as far as I can see.

Actually same device, slightly different form factor. Same creator.