Zigbee2mqtt Addon install failed

Hello everyone,

I am struggling to get Zigbee2Mqtt addon working. I have just installed the addon and I get the following error whenever I try to start the addon.

Im not sure what to do. Can someone give me a hand please?

All the best,

Looks like there might be permission issues.
To ensure people in the forum can help you, you need to post more details on your setup. what kind of install do you have? how did you install the add-on, etc.

Sorry, sure…

First of all Ive never been able to start Zigbee2Mqtt and that is from version 114 ish. At this moment I’m running the latest version of Home assistant 0.116.4.
I’m running Hass OS 4.13 as a VM on Unraid, and Zigbee2Mqtt were installed through Supervisor addons.

Do you need any other detail?

I think this definitely helps but I have no experience in a setup like yours. I am afraid it has to do with permissions on the VM. Hopefully someone else is able to guide you.

Does the file actually exists?
You can check with Samba.

If it does, you might check the permission settings, if not, try to create one (with no context) and ty again :wink:

I tried that… no luck
Theres also inside the folder Share a Zigbee2Mqtt folder, I also added the options.json there and changed the folder and everything inside to permission 777.


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