Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)


Then again at that price, not too much to lose.


When you re-flash the stick do you have to re-pair all devices?


I recently just updated mine and after re-flash I didn’t need to.

Though I updated from 0.1.3 I think to the latest 1.0.1



This is interesting. I had a gut feeling that was needed. I’m glad it is not necessary!


Same did I, and I was ready to repair.

Though to be honest some like a few of my temperature sensors don’t seem to be working (but a few others are), I am looking into repairing those.

All my single and double wireless switches work



Save this as clearmqtt.sh copy to hassio then run it from ssh

echo "cleaning " $1 " :: usage: cleanmqtt <host>"
mosquitto_sub -h $1 -t "#" -v | while read line _; do mosquitto_pub -h $1 -t "$line" -r -n; done

restart mqtt


Are there any supported devices out there that can send brightness 0-255 ? scanning through supported devices suggests “no”


Not sure I’m getting your question right, but I can confirm that I kea bulbs and Osram ledstripes do support brightness adjustments via this addon.


I meant buttons/dimmers/dials/etc


Are you talking about flashing the cc253x usb or just upgrading the zigbee2mqtt software?


The last time, I did both as my hardware was 1 version behind. Though software was a lot of revision behind


Thanks for clarifying.


There are at least 5 dimmers listed in the supported hardware page. Why does it matter what the range is? HA can do maths.


Exactly. I dim based on long release value of a Xiaomi button.


Please, could you share more details?


The Xiaomi button sends a value on release after a long hold. The value is relative to the length of the hold. Short hold for low value and long hold for high value. I set the brightness based on that value.


My point was, it doesn’t matter if the dimmer sends a signal between 0 and 255 or 0 an 99. HA can translate the number to whatever scale the bulb is using. I doubt that 100 degrees of resolution will be any less smooth than 255 in this case.


No dimmer sends anything other than on or off. So I’ll rephrase for absolute clarity:

Is there a supported dimmer that sends anything other than on or off that will allow me to interpret desired brightness?


Exactly right. The long release value of the Xiaomi button is based on the number of milliseconds it is held for. I divide that by 100 to come up with a reasonably approximate value between 0-255.


Has anyone managed to implement the Ikea remote control? If so, can you please share that part of devices.js?