Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)


Thanks yes, i can do it that way. thank you. I do seem to get the original copy of the sensor as well though (because of mqtt discovery being enabled).

Edit: actually that might be retained discovery topics maybe?


I can’t find the location of devices.js.


Can you tell me how to find this?

I need your help!


context please? what OS for a start.


Oh, sorry.

I am using Hass.io and installed zigbee2mqt through addon.


Please ask the addon author. This thread is not about the addon.


I am not sure about that I don’t use discovery I just add mine in manually.


Hi, here is the info you need: https://koenkk.github.io/zigbee2mqtt/how_tos/how_to_support_new_devices_on_hassio.html


Thank you, your answer was helpful.



I flashed my CC2531 with router firmware linked on the docu page:


Router is connecting to my network, but end-device doesn’t seem to be using it?


The map isn’t accurate and shouldn’t be relied upon to draw any conclusions.


Is there any other way to check if it’s working properly?


Is the device working in home assistant? If so, be happy and stop worrying abut the mesh.


It is working fine now:

One more question:

Can you show me an example for DJT11LM vibration sensor to how I can use in an automation (action: tilt or vibration)?


I’m having trouble.

I successfully flashed cc231 with this file as instructions
all good so far.

node --version  # Should output v10.X
npm --version  # Should output 6.X

these req. also ok.

# Install dependencies
cd /opt/zigbee2mqtt
npm install

when I run npm install I got error on zcl-id integrity

npm WARN tarball tarball data for [email protected]://github.com/koenkk/zcl-id/tarball/master (sha512-VzHMq1JqhdCVVLWBmCECLrkQMEY6DYL/0gp4GrsJbyQuBE4wcMGs0zAHhF9DxlWZ4eT6zkiH0e5z6hEhUSRLRA==) seems to be corrupted. Trying one more time.
npm WARN tar ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/opt/zigbee2mqtt/node_modules/.staging/zcl-id-67ebab72/definitions/common.json'
npm ERR! sha512-VzHMq1JqhdCVVLWBmCECLrkQMEY6DYL/0gp4GrsJbyQuBE4wcMGs0zAHhF9DxlWZ4eT6zkiH0e5z6hEhUSRLRA== integrity checksum failed when using sha512: wanted sha512-VzHMq1JqhdCVVLWBmCECLrkQMEY6DYL/0gp4GrsJbyQuBE4wcMGs0zAHhF9DxlWZ4eT6zkiH0e5z6hEhUSRLRA== but got sha512-lfVS1kAuuiSs0laGpaOX9tpn3r/hZvNZLCSr1ZxZNaUz9a4xDRdGkvbdEox4x3Xkg8PTFF2Au1S5cFRUmbA/cA==. (22425 bytes)

any help much appreciated! thanks.


solved using DEV branch.



Hi I got zigbee2mqtT version 1.1.1 with a couple of aqara door/window and water leak sensors, a tradfri light bulb and a dimmer.
All worked very well!
After updating CC2531 USB stick with CC2531ZNP-Prod_20190109.zip firmware, I resynced all my aqara sensors by single clicking on sync button and they worked great again.
But how can I resync the tradfry light bulb and the dimmer?


Are you suggesting that reflashing keeps all the pairings in the stick and devices don’t need to be repaired?


I don’t know.
This is my first reflash of the stick.
As I experienced with aqara sensors I only clicked ones the pairing button on the sensors without resetting them as the first time and without set zigbee2mqtt to accept new devices icoming.
For tradfri I wasn’t able to repair.
I do not test yet removing them from configuration e repete the first pairnig.


Interesting! Thanks for the info.


Just as a point of reference, I’m having GREAT results with a CC2530+RFX2401 board (XCore2530 from Waveshare), plugged into a Waveshare ZB502 motherboard, which handles the USB-UART duties. It plugs into USB and hooks right up to a standard & cheap CC Debugger (via the ZB502 board).

It’s a bit of an ugly contraption and maybe a bit of overkill, but I put a hilariously large 9dBi antenna on it – and the range and reliabilty are phenomenal so far. I just need an enclosure for the boards to reduce the eyesore factor.