Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)


Lol. It wouldn’t be powerful enough to do what it does if it had a high score. No need to reply as this discussion is way off topic.


Yes I wanted to submerge it in a tank at a certain level, when the water went below that level it would trigger false/dry I’m assuming then I would automated in HA based on that,


It might be better to attach an insulated wire to each of the two screw mounts on the bottom of the sensor and run the exposed ends of the wires down to the depth you need to check. I’d be afraid to submerge the whole unit. For a rain sensor, I have the unit mounted under the eave and ran two wires out into where the rain would complete the circuit.


I also think that it is not to place it in water. Could also lower the connection quality.
But if there is a possibility to attach to wires than you can also use a water level sensor with it.


@PlayedIn could you show us a photo of that connectors? I’m searching for a way to be notified when the post man opens the postbox. The reception in it is to bad for a Aqara door sensor. Maybe I could use a water sensor with a reed sensor attached to the connectors.



Nice to know, with this every simple on off sensor can be added to the zigbee network


Do you keep it in a waterproof container?


I’m looking to add a router to my small network and wonder whether anyone’s got any strong feelings on whether it is worth doing “the build” of the CC2530 or whether to just flash another CC2531 with router firmware rather than coordinator? I’m looking to monitor an outdoor gate.
As a corollary, is anyone using the Xiaomi sensors outside - but suitably waterproofed? If so, what lengths have you gone to? Thanks! :slight_smile:


My experience so far with a CC2531 is that the range is very, very limited (around 5 meters / 15 feet), so depending on where your outdoor gate is located, you might need a stronger antenna (CC2530 + CC2591). I have not personal experience with that one yet, but should soon as I have ordered it!


You can do an antenna mod on the CC2531.


I’ve been doing significantly better than that indoors - mine’s on a USB extension and kind of floating in space so I wonder if that helps


Read about that too indeed. Haven´t bothered to buy an extension cord for USB as I would need a range of 30 meters and a few walls inbetween… so likely need a stronger antenna anyway (or many routers which is difficult too as I do not have any places to plug in the routers inbetween…)



Currently I have only a CC2531 router connected to an RPi3, which is connected via cable to a network to which I have 1 Xiaomi gateway directly connected via Wifi, without any issues in either of the Zigbee networks.

Still then, I have a Devolo powerline connected by cable to this same network with 2 Powerline Wifi adapters (one in the garage and one upstairs). I have another Xiaomi gateway connected to the Powerline Wifi adapter in the garage, which normally also works without issues.

Problem is if I connect the RPi with CC2531 pen with zigbee2mqtt to the upstairs’ Powerline Wifi adapter (via cable or Wifi), this causes the below garage Xiaomi Gateway to stop working (sensors do not communicate/update).

If I stop zigbee2mqtt service, the Xiaomi Gateway resumes working without any issues, but it doesn’t if both are connected to the Powerline Wifi adapters.

Has anyone faced any kind of this type of incompatibility?

What advices can you provide to try to investigate what may be happening?

Thanks in advance for any help.


So you have two xiaomi bridges and one cc2531?

Why don’t you switch your xiaomi devices to the zigbee2mqtt network?

(However, I actually can’t help with your issue)


Wifi, zigbee and bluetooth all share the 2.4GHz spectrum. Shit happens when you mix them. See endless discussions, google will assist.


Is there in the market any zigbee relay/button (like a nodemcu with its GPIO, instead of WiFi to be Zigbee) that will work with zigbee2mqtt?


like the osram smart+ plug ?
have a look at https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_devices.html ?


No, a board, but instead of WiFi Zigbee


oh i see. cc2530 is that kind of board :slight_smile: cc2538 has more gpio but afaik they require a different dev/build env than for nodemcu.
Have a look at the DIY section in the link I gave previously


But is it already possible to use those gpio pins of the cc2530 in zigbee?