Zigbee2MQTT stops without reason

Hi all

I recently installed the Zigbee2MQTT bridge to enhance our home automation setup.
However, I’ve encountered a frustrating issue: the bridge frequently stops working for no apparent reason since its installation.

Despite my efforts to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem, I haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific cause for these interruptions.

The only way to bring it back is to “Reboot System,” which works without fail. Which log file should I read to know more about the problem?

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with Zigbee2MQTT? If so, I’d greatly appreciate any insights, tips, or solutions you might have to offer.

Thanks for your help

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Depend on your issue.

I solved 2 of my issues by searching the forum for similar issue.

Name mismatched on config. Refer to this post below or maybe your zigbee is having interference with a usb3 port on your HA box or not enough power.

Logs of Zigbee2MQTT might be handy.

Thanks for your answer.

Actually, I am using an extension cable to keep my Zigbee dongle away from the Raspberry Pi, so the the interferencies should not be the problem origin.

I’ve ordered a Raspberry Pi power supply because I was using a generic USB charger, wait and see …

I didn’t really undestard the following one “Name mismatched on config.”

Thank again ! @NavNav

I get the power supply today
Nothing changes…

Any ideas?

Try another extension, I saw some people having problems due to the low quality of the extension.

Read through the link I posted above or below. I did have issue sometime when I reboot/restart HA after an update. It was caused by the mismatch in the status name between mqtt and Zigbee2MQTT.

Link here post #8 with picture

Done, but nothing changes :frowning: