Zigbee2mqtt update to problem

I updated to zigbee2mqtt and now I can’ t get my config correct in JSON.

I got the error message:
Failed to save addon configuration, not a valid value for dictionary value @ data[‘options’].

I don’t understand what the problem is. So I try to fallback to de default. Only that is in YAML and the zigbee2mqtt documentation doesn’t also provide a working working example. what a mess.

So can someone please provide a working json example of zigbee2mqtt to get things working again.

Is there a other option to go back a version of zigbee2mqtt then a global homeassistant restore?


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Backup your current config then reset the config to see what are differences.
They may bee

  availability_blocklist: []
  availability_passlist: []

i managed to get zigbee2mqtt to get started again. Only I can’t (re)join any devices. zigbee2mqqt found zigbee router but joining any other device doesn’t work. There a no error log messages .

any suggestions how to solve this?


Sounds like you haven’t correctly put your old pan-id and network key into your new configuration off the top of my head.

I update in my config:
pan_id:, channel: and network_key:. Which did I forgot?

Those are the right ones, but if they are correct then you shouldn’t need to rejoin any devices as they should all be already paired with those details :man_shrugging:

The problem is rejoin doesn’t work!

I got only this in my log:
Zigbee2MQTT:info 2020-09-20 17:21:42: Zigbee: allowing new devices to join.

Any device that I want to rejoin doesn’t show up in the log.

any suggestions how to get things working again?

That’s what I’m saying, you shouldn’t need to rejoin anything, it should still be joined from before the upgrade.

That is nice to know that it should work. But it doesn’t!

Is this important?
Line in my log file:
./run.sh: line 17: [Info] Configuration backup found in /share/zigbee2mqtt/.configuration.yaml.bk. Skipping config backup.: No such file or directory
[Info] Socat is DISABLED and not started

No, that’s normal, I don’t know what to suggest tbh :man_shrugging:

I’m out of options. I complete reinstalled zigbee2mqtt. I manually remove all the zigbee2mqqt data that is left after removing. and reinstalled it. And it still doesn’t work.

I can connect new device but I can’t reconnect device that I was already using.

You’ll maybe have to reset each device to factory settings and re-pair?

My xiaomi AQARA sensors don’t have a factory reset.

Which sensors are they?

xiaomi aqara temperature humidity sensor

Press and hold the reset button on the device for 5 seconds until the blue light starts blinking.

I know how to join this device to the network. Only it doesn’t work anymore.