Zigbee2mqtt with compatible adapter vs Ikea Tradfri's gateway?

I am using Home Assistant OS on a Odroid (aka, HA Blue) setup with a HUSBZB-1 adapter. I went to try zigbee2mqtt and learned my adapter uses a Silicon Labs EM3581 ZigBee module, so it is not compatible with zigbee2mqtt. I investigated using mqtt2zigbee to enable the use of Ikea modules.

I currently have zwave and zigbee devices working fine. But I just acquired a bunch of Ikea Tradfri devices I want to integrate.

So my question (or soliciting opinions) is would it be better to get a new zigbee adapter (one compatible with zigbee2mqtt) and switch to zigbee2mqtt or just use the Ikea Tradfri gateway?

I am hoping someone else has already gone down this path and learned some things.

Can’t speak about your other adapter, but I can answer the question if a suitable Z2M adapter or the Tradfri gateway is the way to go. :wink:

Take the adapter and be happy. :slight_smile: I started my first experiences with the Tradfri gateway and used it for no longer than two months.

It is essentially a simple answer - if you ever want to use any other device outside from IKEA, but with a Zigbee stack, you are out with the Tradfri gateway. And I can promise, it will not take long, until something’s coming along that is exactly that. :smiley:

As I said, I started with IKEA stuff, but right now the rest of it are three bulbs… But I have around 35 Zigbee devices in my system. Starting with contact sensors, over motion sensors to thermometers.

The Tradfri gateway would be limiting in nearly all aspects, taking into account what will come along eventually. My strong suggestion: buy a good Zigbee adapter for nearly the same costs like the Tradfri gateway and be happy. :slight_smile:


Do ikea devices not work with HUSBZB-1?

What zigbee implementation are you using? ZHA or deconz? This example device is compatible with both IKEA Tradfri Motion Sensor (E1525) Zigbee compatibility

Thanks for the insight. This is what I was thinking, but it’s good to get confirmation from someone who;s been down this path.

I am using ZHA. I tried a Tradfri remote and it wouldn’t pair. So I assumed it wasn’t compatible with the HUSBZB. Specifically, the one I am trying is this one; IKEA Tradfri ON/OFF Switch (E1743) Zigbee compatibility

So it’s interesting it is listed in this database, but it wouldn’t pair. I will give it another try.

BTW, thanks for the link to this site! It is great!!

The Tradfri remotes are known for their “hickups”. :wink: I assume it is based on the fact, that they normally (read = the IKEA way of thinking) are only paired with a bulb, not the gateway directly. I have one of the five button remotes running without problems (Z2M and Slaesh adapter).

If you’re in Germany, I’m just selling my old Tradfri gateway… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Set ZHA to allow pairing, hold your E1743 close to your HUSBZB, and click the button 4 times.

I just did the exact steps you mentioned and I only got a device with a battery status…no switch state. Maybe Z2M gateway & a CC2531 would be more robust approach?

Same with Zigbee2Mqtt, No switch. I know, I use Zigbee2MQTT with them.
You have to listen to events.

there are some blueprints available for them. For exapmle :

Ah! Thank you so much for the pointers!! I will give this a try next.

Go to configuration|devices. Click on the device. You’ll see a screen enabling you to add an automation. Click +. You can choose which event to trigger from. Easy when you know how :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick! This was a simple (but non-intuitive) solution!

I will also be playing with the blueprints Francis mentioned next.