Ziggo mediabox next

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Ziggo introduced their “new” Mediabox Next. This will be replacing the horizon mediabox UPC and the mediabox XL Ziggo we’re spreading across the Netherlands past years.

For this there was an component:

The “my network” is not available any more in the new box.

So the request is if there could be looked in to making an component for this box.

New box is build by: Arris
Model number: DCX960

Internationally “Virgin” is also distributing this box.

Off course i’m willing to test and help where I can!

I can also help to test the “new” component

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@frenck don’t kow if you have Ziggo but maybe you would also be interested?

I know that as one of the “early” adopters of thuis box it can take a while…

But hey it’s the new box and ziggo will be changing all of them to this new one as I understood…

I thank god on my knees every day that I don’t have Ziggo but instead got 1Gb/1Gb FTTH.

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Would love to have FTTH but like a large group of us still not available in my area. So only options are, ADSL, cable, satellite or mobile nw. And then I think cable is the least worst of them :laughing:

Someone shared a (Js) script which seems to control the Mediabox Next using wss.

Might try to put something together myself, but if anyone wants to give it a shot: https://github.com/basst85/NextRemoteJs/

Wow that looks promising! I’m not that skilled in programming but would love to have this intergrated in HA

When I look in to the code I see that MQTT is used… searching for MQTT in combination with media box next I find someone on TWEAKERS.nl who states that the api of the box is over MQTT! Although ZIGGO states that there isn’t an API available. Some thing I would like to investigate further when I’m back from work. Thnx @IIStevowII for the hint!

I’ve tried the sample myself and got it working, so if I find some time I’ll try to make a python plugin for it. Still busy setting up HA in my own house so could take some time.

Nice! Would be great if someone could make this happen, like with the precursor of the Next (the Mediabox XL). Ziggo has been providing the Mediabox Next for everyone since last week.

So I made some progress with a custom component, but it takes a bit time because both Python and Home Assistant plugin development is new for me.

I now have a working custom component that has the same functionality as the JavaScript example I posted earlier.

Still need to work out how certain things work, like authentication and communication limits etc.
Things like re-using the token and refreshing when expired, and everything else I haven’t even thought of yet.

With some luck I could publish a first alpha release on Github this weekend if there is interest.

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I’m getting my Mediabox next soon. I would be very interested in an addon for it!

@IIStevowII off course i’m interested! If there is some thing I could help with or test give me a shout! I’m not familiar with this kind of programming but alway’s in for a challenge!

+1!!. Great work!!

Hi guys,

I’ve put a first version of my implementation online on github, you can find it here:

I do want to emphasize this is a first development release, which seems to work find under my setup. I have it running for a few days now without any problems, but that does not guarantee there aren’t any bugs.

I will try to do my best to help everyone with problems, but my time is limited and my expertise with Home Assistant and Python is only 2 weeks old, so bear with me.

Thx a lot! I will test it and i let you know!

Until now it works fine!

How often does this image on the media card update?

This was the image on the channel when I originally switched to it, but it hasn’t changed since, even after changing channels, media box off /on.

I did as described but still get :
Platform not found: media_player.ziggo-mediabox-next

I placed the folder in the custom_components folder in my homeassistant config folder (where configuration.yaml sits )
all permission set but still nog go?

Did you add also:

  - platform: ziggo-mediabox-next
    username: !secret ziggo_username
    password: !secret ziggo_password

to your configuration?