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Current SDK dont support +20 dbi, only +10 dbi.

Yeah,you are right more than 90% of my customers never had any issue at all,
but who have currently have one of two issues:

  1. Problem with Zigbee firmware what is affected by SDK and Tuya devices.
  2. Random dying LAN8720 chip,what make LAN network disappear( Planning to move on other chip what’s more stable) . This users should contact me over email for a replacement.

Agree XZG is in havy development - daily development and releases. But we need feedback on Discord and Telegram XZG groups/channels to make it universal.
Is working with know devices: SLZB-06,TubesZB,ZigStar old and new devices.

Firmware for ESP32 is stable with small issues what dont affect your zigbee network,but affects only Zigbee OTA.

So XZG is must go anyways soon.UZG-01 firmware will remain at current version 0.2.6.

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Is there any timeline on getting this addressed? I just took delivery of my UZG to improve my zigbee network stability from a USB dongle, and was disappointed to learn here that the 20db talked about on the product page only applies to the older devices, so the UZG may well not actually improve things for me at all at only half power.

I had to change my UZG-01 to a SLZB06p7. After the change devices that the UZG-01 had dropped off the network came back online without pairing.

No any timeline from Texas Instruments.

Very interesting,is the same chip,is the same config.
So you say that some devices was dropping constantly from UZG-01 and on SLZB06P7 they are stable?

Correct, at least for the 4-5 days since I’ve done the change. The problems started after I upgraded to the 20230507 firmware. I’ve tried all the versions after that as well. I’ve tried to get a hold of the older firmware without luck.

Devices would stay online for about 24 hours after I re-paired them, then start dropping off again. Random devices, one day a in-wall dimmer from Namron would drop off, the next day a Hue bulb. The most notorious ones were a Aqara vibration sensor, a Namron K4 switch (battery powered) and a IKEA repeater (I have two, both took turns dropping off). There is no pattern as to what devices would drop off, and some of them came back online after I switched the breakers off and on again.

I also had some crashes from time to time.

No such issues yet with the SLZB. So at the moment the UZG-01 is a paper weight here in my house.

After each firmware change is recommended to Erase NVRAM, so Z2M will restore proper backup to new firmware/device.

I answered to your ticket,will have a small remote session to identify the problem.
Like i said many times, i have a feeling that my decision to move to P7 chip was a mistake. Everything was more stable with P2.
I still have hope that this will be solved ASAP by Koenkk.

If no any movement to this direction till end of the month i will go back to P2 chip and forget all this nightmare with Tuya devices and route table.

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Thank you so much @mercenaruss, this is above and beyond what I expect from support. You rock! Will speak soon :slight_smile:

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Thought I would add my experiences:
I have a UZG-01 (p7 chip) and Z2M on my HA installation.
The UZG-01 was pretty unstable (ESP 0.26 and Zigbee 20230507). I run quite a lot of TUYA devices (24 of them and mainly smartplugs). Typical uptime was around 4 days before all devices started going offline and I had to restart the UZG-01 to bring them back.
Since then I have moved the UZG-01 to ethernet (was WiFi) and the ESP firmware to 20240602. Zigbee is still 20230507.
I have also changed the reporting/polling intervals on the TUYA smartplugs to be much less frequently as I was aware this could produce a lot of Zigbee traffic.
For devices that have a Polling option (BSD29_1, TS011F_plug_3) I set the ‘Measurement poll interval’ interval to 360 seconds.
For the devices that have Reporting options (TS011F_plug_1, TS011F_plug_3) I set the ‘Min rep interval’ to 360 seconds for all 3 Reporting options.
The UZG-01 has currently been up 10 days without errors. I do not pretend to know if the reliability problem is really fixed, or which of the above changes had a beneficial impact.

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