Zipato RGBW z-wave lights

Hi, I’ve bought me some Zipate RGBW zwae lights. These work perfeclty, on/off and dimmer. But I also want to control the colors… .Is this possible? If so how?. I cannot find it!

I’m not sure if open-zwave has support for color other than brightness and on/off.

I think so

I’ve submitted a pull request for zwave color bulb control.

I’ve only been able to test with the Aeon labs bulb. If you can try out the latest dev code I need some testers for alternate RGBW bulbs. The zwave color control class is somewhat ambiguous in how the different channels interact, and I’d like to hear how alternate bulbs behave.

Additionally, I’d like to hear how it behaves in open-zwave-control-panel. The Aeon bulb will exclusively only use “RGB”, “WW”, or “CW” color channels, they cannot be mixed. I’d like to know if this is the same for the Zipato.

If you could pastebin the generated xml for the bulb, that would also be helpful.

I want to reopen this topic. Seems that the color set for Zipato RGBW Bulb2 is not working correctly with the actual code.
Brightness and on/off is ok. When it comes to color it seems to work as long as you supply only to two values > 0 and leave the third one to “0”. When you supply the third value > 0 the color of the bulb changes to white.
It does not matter what value you do submit with the light.turn_on service.

Also color temp. seem not to work either.

Can You look into it ? I could supply You with xml of pyozw.

See also Zipato bulb 2 color changing back to default (openzwave config)

I didn’t understand this answer. I added the entries in the manufacturers xml of the installed py_ozw accordingly and the bulb is beeing recognized.
It seems to me that my color problems are not an issue of openzwave or py_ozw but an issue with HA not sendig the right commands to the bulb !

What I’m seeing is that the color commands do work but then the bulb immediately reverts back to white. If I’m persistent I can sometimes get it to stick, but only rarely.

Try this: click on a single color over and over again. Using this, I can get a color to eventually stick. In seems to work better with colors on the outside of the color wheel, for some reason.

Any news on that ? With Version 0.65.5 it still doesn’t work. I could never get the right colour

This is still an issue for me at least, I can not recommend using Zapato Bulb2 with Home Assistant, only dim and on/off works.

Any updat? I am still stuck with the workaround of clicking like crazy to change color

Any update? I switched to using Open Zwave an still face an issue.