Zones configured via configuration.yaml cannot be edited via the UI

I did have my Home zone configured in configuration.yaml.

But then I noticed on the /config/zone page that the radius for my Home zone is ridiculous… it takes up almost my entire neighborhood. And it wouldn’t allow me to edit it on that page.

So I removed it from configuration.yaml and rebooted, expecting to set it up anew, this time through the config/zone page.

But it’s still there. And I still can’t edit it. When I click on it it still says:

“Zones configured via configuration.yaml cannot be edited via the UI”

You can only edit the radius of Home in YAML - the docs even say so.

Thanks for saying so.

I checked the docs and added my zone back to configuration.yaml and included the radius

  - name: Home
    latitude: 46.467234
    longitude: -112.353646
    radius: 5
    icon: mdi:home-account

Problem is, the original ‘Home’ zone is still showing up and I cannot delete it. So while you’ve helped me find the solution to my original problem, I still have the same issue.

I suppose I could give my new zone a name like ‘Real Home’ and try to ignore ‘Home’, but that isn’t a very elegant solution. :person_shrugging:

You have to restart HA to get the new YAML zone merged in.

Thanks, but yes I’ve fully restarted several times now.

Hmmm I rebooted from the Companion App on my phone and the errant ‘Home’ is gone.

Not sure why rebooting through the web GUI didn’t resolve this. But thank you for your help!

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