Zooz 800 ZST39 LR or 700 series?

Now that the 700 chips are working correctly I was going to be upgrading my HUSBZB-1. I already have a Sonoff Zigbee stick for that end of it. But I noticed Zooz introduced an 800 series controller at the end of last year.

Are these working well at the moment? Or are there some caveats with them? I’d prefer buying the most up to date chipset available at time of purchase but not at the cost of stability…particularly with the issues the 700 series had. Would it be smarter to just stick with 700 for now?

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I have been using my 800 series about 4 months now and the only thing that doesn’t work are the NVM backups. They don’t save properly so the backups are useless. The file size says they are 0KB when they should be around 40KB. Other then that its been solid. It has better range.

Just curious if you had performed the Migration from the HUSBZB-1 to the Zooz and the Sonoff yet and how that went for you? I will be doing the same migration to a new SkyConnect and a Zooz 700 in the next few days. So any insight you may have on how you did it and any gotcha’s would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve done the migration on the Zigbee network. I switched from ZHA to Zigbee2MQTT so it was really easy since I had them both running on HA at the same time. All wired devices automatically try to pair so you just put Zigbee2MQTT in pairing mode and drop it from the old network. Then just rename the entities so they match. I did have to manually go around and put all the battery powered devices in pairing mode though.

On the Zwave side I’ve been putting it off. I bought the Zooz 800 but the HUSBZB-1 doesn’t have new enough firmware to support NVM backup, and I think the Zooz 800 has an issue with it too at the moment but I wasn’t too worried about it since I couldn’t use it anyway. So there is no easy way to migrate without taking the whole network down and starting over. So I’ve been waiting for a time I’m not going to get complaints. Probably will do it sometime over the weekend.

The 800 series nvm backup issue is only existent in ZwaveJSUI. I used to use automatic backups to make a backup anytime I added or removed a device from the network but automatic or manual backups don’t work on the new 800 stick. Also I can still back the stick up using simplicity studio. You should use simplicity studio to see if you can backup your HUSBZB-1.

It won’t work even with Simplicity Studio. I’d have to flash the firmware which involves opening it up and is more trouble than I want to go through. Though I think I found a solution. I had thought about setting up the official ZWaveJS and using that to switch over while everything was still up but I thought it would require multiple renaming of devices. Once on the original switch over then again when I switch back to ZWaveJS2MQTT. Then I found this thread which solved that problem.

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I see this message in ZWave JS backup :

Should I be concerned about this ?