Zooz Q multi sensor ZSE11 working horribly

i just got this ZSE11 and using the batteries, not plugged into USB outlet. motion detection is terrible. temperature is way off

yes, i changed Parameter 16 to 0. changed Parameter 12 from 6 to 8.

anything else i should be aware of? seems Parameter 15 might improve motion detection too

Sorry - no help here. I bought 3 when they came out. 1 running on USB is fine, 2 on battery awful; temp off 10 degrees, humidity 20% motion ok, but usb much better. I am mostly using for motion, but expected much more from Zooz.

I did get a response from their support; all they asked for was firmware, which is 1.9. Need to follow-up.

I have six of these things purchased back in December and they are all giving me trouble. I have an ongoing email chain with the store that sold them. I am draining batteries in under a week. If you find any resolution to your issues please do update here. I thought I was making a good decision going with the Zooz brand over something cheaper, but this has been an absolute disaster.

My Zooz ZSE11 is firmware 1.21 and Motion Detection would always remain clear, even though the blue LED would flash in presence of motion. I discovered the initially hidden entity “Sensor state (Motion)” is what responded to actual motion detection. I’ll try it with Parameter 16 turned off. Does that fix motion not triggering Motion Detection state, or was that to fix something else?

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Thank you for posting this, d-smes! I just set one of these up yesterday, and I had to do the same thing. For anyone else who isn’t seeing any motion detection on their Q Sensor, the specific steps I took were:

  • Go to the Q Sensor device settings
  • Under Sensors, expand the list of “entities not shown”
  • Open “Sensor state (motion)” and click the Settings button
  • Change Entity Status to “enabled” under Advanced Settings
  • Change “Show as” to “Motion”

The “Sensor state (motion)” entity will now be available for automations.