Zooz Q Sensor Not Working Well

Hello All,

So last November I purchased 3 Zoos Q Sensors along with a good amount of other devices on Black Friday sales. I’m getting to setting up these sensors now and am running into a lot of trouble. One device fails to pair. I wish I checked that during the return window but will try to RMA it. The other two are performing poorly.

From one post here I saw that the motion reporting is under motion state detection, which is disabled by default and not motion detection which is one problem solved.

I have 2 remaining problems.

The first is that when I try to change a sensor parameter I get a message saying the device is asleep; but, last check in time is only a couple minutes old. Even letting it sit overnight the device never updates.

“The parameter change has been queued, and will be updated when the device wakes up.”

My other problem is that illuminance LX after about 10 minutes of use gets stuck at a very low value. I can reset the devices and they work again for a few minutes but then fail again. Temperature, humidity and motion all update normally, just not LX.

You have to manually wake up the device for the settings to get applied.

Yes, I find the zse11 to be problematic.

I have one connected that never wakes up on its own even though that interval is set to 14400. I can’t get the temperature to update on change. Fortunately the motion sensor is working fine which is my primary use case. I have a case open with Zooz, they want me to factory reset it and try again. I haven’t done that yet, since it’s working for my use case.

The instructions to wake up the device are incorrect. You need to press the button three times. There docs say to hold it down for 5 seconds and tech support also says that. Which is bizarre since that does not work.

I love Zooz devices but this device seems to be problematic. For this type of sensor I’ve had much better results with the Aeotec equivalent.

I’ve queried mine with a secondary controller and they all default to 14400 seconds but with no node assigned to send the wakeup notification to. If you’re able to send the command to set the wakeup interval to 14400 with node 1 then you should start seeing wakeups every 4 hours. I’ve only managed to send that command using a secondary controller - not sure how to do it through ZwaveJS when the hub never gets notification that the sensor is awake and ready to receive.

I have rechargeable batteries in mine and have to recharge once a month. Plus they randomly fall off the network every few months. Definitely a troublesome device.