Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiSiren ZSE19

Has anyone setup this smart speaker and multi sensor device? It says it works with Home Assistant, I’m just curious how you get things like the door chime working, or playing a custom audio file when a sensor hits a certain degree Fahrenheit, etc.?

In order to play audio files you’ll have to wait until OpenZWave 1.6 is supported by HA (adds the Sound Switch command class). The siren alarm should work. I don’t have the device but I think it might appear as a switch in HA which you can turn on and off. The other sensors should work fine.

Bummer, I was really hoping to play with the customized sounds. I’ll do a search now for the newest version of OpenZwave, but do you happen to know when that will be supported by chance?

I just read the comments on the python-OpenZWave github, yikes, looks like HA isnt really working on integrating the new changes?

Are there any other Home Automation hubs/software that already support this? I would hate to move off HA, but if its not really moving forward I guess moving now is better than dragging it out.

A new component based on OZW 1.6 is in the works, but I can’t tell you what the time frame is.

Any new update on this? I was considering buying this multisiren, it seems awesome the feature of uploading custom sounds and be able to associate different sound to different scene. Unless there is another solution out there

any update just got one…

Hey - I was playing with this today, I’m on the latest version of home assistant. If you go into the zwave config settings for this device and select 3: Custom Sound Selection for Audio Speaker, enter a custom sound number, the audio works on the speaker… Very cool!!
Here are the sound numbers you can enter in that come pre loaded:

Sorry adding more information for those that need it!

To trigger a sound in an automation, call the service:


Service Data:

      node_id: 74
      parameter: 3
      value: 5

Where node_id is your node for the S2 Multisiren and value is the sound file to play.

Were you able to upload a custom sound? Also is it possible to connect it to external power?

Yes via the usb cable that comes with it. No external power, has to use batteries.

Thats the only thing that I dont like… I read on amazon that battery needs to be changed every 1/2 months

Hi John, how is it working so far? I’m considering buying it… were you able to find a better product out there? where you able to trigger a custom sound from automation? thanks

It works good just not sure what the real need is. I answered how to trigger it from an automation above. You call the service and used the variables above. I’m Matt BTW.

Matthew, are you using the current OZW 1.4 integration, or are you using the new beta OZW 1.6 with this device. I want one too, but am concerned that it isn’t supported in 1.4. But it sounds like you may have found a way. Please let me know. Thanks!

Also, when you trigger a sound, does it play an entire sound file, or can you set a duration? And is the siren triggered differently than the other sounds, or is it one or the other (and you have to change back and forth depending on what you want to hear). I want to use one as a doorbell chime and as a siren. Just trying to figure out if that’s possible (currently, with OZW 1.4 integration). I have to assume that the siren is triggered separately and that it sounds until turned off, whereas the sound files will play an entire WAV file. Am I right?

Hi Matthew,

I tried this using ozw (service ozw.set_config_parameter) but didn’t hear any sound.
I saw the siren blink each time I try a new value, but how do i make it sound?


When i set the sound, the siren plays the sound. But if I need it to play a second time, setting the sound a second time won’t play the sound.
Is there a command that can be issued to play the sound and not the chime?

Just to update on this. I solved the issue by issue a second command on the scripts, where i set the value to 0 for each sound played. That way i can play the sound on repeat any number of times

I want to add my experience with this device over the last few months. I am running the latest version of HA (118.3) with the original zwave integration (v1.4), not the new OZW Beta (v1.6) which would require me to redo my entire network and recode my automations (not a great upgrade path).

However, regarding this device; the siren works great, but the Chime not so much. I was able to add my own sounds (although the process using their SW bricked the first device, which Zooz quickly replaced). I can also play any of the installed sound files on command. The only thing I can’t control is the number of times it plays. I use the set_config_parameter service call hack to set the config parameters to play the sounds, but the chimes randomly play anywhere from once to up to 10 times in a row. This is quite annoying, like someone standing at your front door repeatedly pressing the doorbell.

I’ve tried this using the service call in an automation directly as well as through a python script, and the results are the same. I can also replicate it via the Dev Tools -> Services. I am pretty certain this is a Zooz FW issue, not something that HA is doing (after studying the logs). Zooz is aware, and claims that it is because of the hack method of sounding the chime, vs using the Sound Switch command class, which is currently not supported in 1.4 (not sure about 1.6). They aren’t inclined to fix it.

If anyone has had any success in achieving a single chime EVERY time, I’d love to know how. I’m currently looking at another solution for chime as a result of this issue.

I had the same issue as you had.
After changing my script to set to “0” after each use, that particular problem went away for good.
Hope you get it solved.